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STD 6-Channel PC Fan Controller

License: Public Domain

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Update time: 2024-01-29 11:42:07
Creation time: 2023-05-11 21:08:24



Up to 6 Fans Intelligent controller for PC based on STM32F070.


• All 6 fans controlled by PWM.
• 4 of them with the ability to adjust the supply voltage (three- or two-wire fans).
• 128 steps of smooth linear (!) voltage adjustment.
• P-channel MOSFETs in DC-DC, allowing almost lossless transmission of power to the fans (100% duty cycle).
• Full shutdown possibility for each DC-DC.
• DC-DC output currents up to 4A (>15 Watts per channel).
• Continued operation even when the microcontrollers fail.
• DC-DC supply voltage and output voltage sensors.
• 2 buses for digital temperature sensors (up to 16 DS18B20 sensors).
• Temperature sensors built into digiPOTs and microcontroller.
• Tracking of the built-in PC temperature sensors (MB, CPU, GPU, HDD) via the control software.
• Power and error indicators + alarm buzzer.
• IPS display 240x240.
• 32.768 kHz crystal for accurate fan speed measurement.
• USB connection.
• Control software (at the first stage only Windows, but I will open the exchange protocol and all other sources).
• Different power options: Molex (12V + 5V), Power 12V + USB, Molex + Power 12V, Single PS 5-18V.
• Automatic configuration and connected fans detection.
• Firmware update via USB.
• Mounting holes for the HDD 2.5" holder

The device is intended for use in cooling systems of personal computers and other professional equipment.

Project Overview (English subtitles): https://youtu.be/2WcZQeidf3s

ATTENTION!!! I haven't finished the firmware yet, and I've just started coding the management software. As soon as I finish them, I'll post all the sources and the compiled binaries.



Intelligent fan controller based on STM32F070 microcontroller. 
The device can poll a set of temperature sensors, each of which has a certain coefficient of influence on each of the 6 controlled fans. Thus, it is possible to control several cooling zones of the device with a complex internal geometry. Multiple operating modes and cooling profiles (high, medium, low) available. The device is controlled via USB.



ATtiny10 / DS18B20 Fan Controller - https://oshwlab.com/sneer2sneer/ATtiny10-Fan-Controller

ATtiny13 / DS18B20 Fan Controller - https://oshwlab.com/sneer2sneer/attini13-fan-controller

ST1S41 DC-DC Regulator - https://oshwlab.com/sneer2sneer/ST1S41-DC-DC-Regulator




1808 SMD Fuses 0.5-15A - https://ali.ski/9IDvrM

MCU STM32F070CBT6 - https://ali.ski/NFjbd

USBLC6-2 low capacitance ESD protection for USB - https://ali.ski/A9EGd

Socket/adapter QFP48 to DIP48 - https://ali.ski/bERFlL

Socket/adapter QFN28 to DIP28 - https://ali.ski/iVjeaV

ST7789 Display module IPS 240x240 - https://ali.ski/QMIHFz

Ceramic Resonator with Built-in Capacitors Murata 12MHz - https://ali.ski/zatQ2E

Ceramic Resonator with Built-in Capacitors Murata 16MHz - https://ali.ski/cmpEn

Passive Ceramic Resonator 32.768 kHz - https://ali.ski/gUkLVx

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - https://ali.ski/Alu_j-

LED Kit - https://ali.ski/ZlZ7t

Resistor - https://ali.ski/AtwK6

Tactile Push Button - https://ali.ski/BK0MYV

SMD LED Kit - https://ali.ski/B3TZXm

SMD Resistor - https://ali.ski/gzy9H

SMD Capacitor - https://ali.ski/V3kytU

SMD Capacitor Sample Book - https://ali.ski/l-lE9

SMD Resistor Sample Book  - https://ali.ski/6YxlCV

SOT-23 SMD Transistor Sample Book - https://ali.ski/qAAOV

Active Buzzers 3-12V - https://ali.ski/vUpeQy

KF2510 3+1P Fan connector - https://ali.ski/kyrey

A Lot of Fans (used) - https://ali.ski/qOpaO

5559 PC Socket 12v, 4 pin (2x2) - https://ali.ski/ciK00

Molex PC Socket, 5v/12v, 4 pin - https://ali.ski/FzFfs

XH2.54 Pin Connector 4P male - https://ali.ski/3M3su

XH2.54 Pin Connector 4P female - https://ali.ski/YbXBN

More XH2.54 Pin Connectors - https://ali.ski/F8GXXj

Metal Crimp Terminals For XH2.54 - https://ali.ski/JqTml

Plastic Dupont Jumper Connector - https://ali.ski/MG_FJ

Metal Crimp Terminals For Dupont 2.54 - https://ali.ski/k7jnjZ

Single Row female 2.54mm socket, 2-40 pin - https://ali.ski/-J3mq

Single Row male straight 2.54mm socket, 40 pin - https://ali.ski/vTH2b


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