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STD JM005A IDE DOM and Floppy Mezzanine Board [v1.0] for SC126 V1.0

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License: Public Domain

Project source: Cloned from JM006 IDE and Floppy Mezzanine Board [v1.0] for SC126 V1.0

Creation time: 2020-09-14 00:12:16
Update time: 2020-09-23 03:55:23
Create a stackable disk io daughterboard for SC126 - Mechanically Compatible with JM002 stacked on the SC126 v1.0 Brings out the IDE-44 pin connector. Also provides an additional RC80 bus header connector and Floppy connector. Most IDE DOM modules will NOT work with the IDE-44 pin connector due to mirroring of pins on DOM. ![IDE_44_pin_pinouts.gif](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/iotoU2tzkgaaUam78q6xyva3M7dvRl4DXS6gKcj6.gif) Development Status Tracker - 09/13/2020 UNDER DEVELOPMENT - 09/13/2020 ROUTING COMPLETE - 09/13/2020 NETS CHECKED - 09/13/2020 SILK LAYERS CHECKED - 09/13/2020 READY FOR ORDER 1ST PROTOTYPES - 09/19/2020 BOARD received. TESTED OK, Requires IDE Cable + DOM NOTE: Some DOMs have the connector on one side or the other (not only the end) and this determines the mechanical limitations for installation. COMMENTS: This board (for many DOMs) requires the DOM to be at the end of a cable to lay flat. Many DOMs have incorrectly marked the pins or no marking are found at all. This is frustrating as the real orientation may not be known until the DOM is physically tested against a known pinout. See also the alternate IDE 44 connector orientation: "JM005B IDE DOM and Floppy Mezzanine Board [v1.0] for SC126 V1.0" ![DOM1.jpg](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/yFbEdxEzswQJfyjZUnmBAFhZngeuFdlfWimhOnSI.jpeg) ![DOM2.jpg](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/fNBslBqq0UpB1RUma32JQy4OnyZV7muVNws9gQ1Z.jpeg)
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