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2.The process supports design scales of 300 devices or 1000 pads

3.Supports simple circuit simulation

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STD ESPboy easy DIY v3.1 (tested)

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Cloned from ESPboy easy v1

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Update time: 2023-10-03 19:47:48
Creation time: 2023-04-01 10:00:01

ESPboy easy DIY schematic v3.1

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Assembly instruction video


ESPboy STEM is an indie project with unique handmade gadgets designed to help enthusiasts learn/improve IT/IoT skills and promote engineering creativity. 
An interesting hobby for you and your children, an opportunity to learn programming, neo-retro games development, MCU and IoT technology, electronics and digital device creation.

This is a simplified version of the original ESPboy1/ESPboy2 with all the through-holes and cheap parts, designed to help beginners make their own ESPboy!


ESPboy easy DIY version has a slightly simplified circuit compared to ESPboy1/ESPboy2, but is 99.9% compatible with them, however this circuit uses large through-holes components which are very easy to solder, especially for beginners and almost impossible to mistake.
The screen brightness control is removed, a buzzer is put in place of the speaker, the protection on the LEDs is removed, but a volume control is added.


Overall it is a complete ESPboy with an expansion connector, where the AppStore(available directly from the device)/WebAppStore and all ESPboy released software and hardware modules should work.


Additionaly to BOM please consider following parts: 

  1. Battery holder for 3xAAA
  2. Volume regulator B103 3pin!
  3. LED APA106 5mm!
  4. WeMos D1 mini ESP8266 or cheaper clone of ESP8266 in WeMos D1 form factor
  5. LCD TFT 1.44'' 128x128 ST7735 BLUE PCB
  6. Expansion header 2x10p 90grad


Try AppStores:

  1. ESPboy WebAppStore (use Chrome browser)
  2. ESPboy AppStore (build in software, to activate -- press A button and switchOn ESPboy keeping pressed A. Follow the instructions. )


Use following IDEs for your projects:

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Espressif SDK
  3. Little Game Engine
  4. MicoJS
  5. IoT firmware builder
  6. and more...


Check emulated platforms, games and software:

  • Arduboy
  • Gamebuino META
  • Pokitto
  • Game Boy
  • ZX Spectrum 48K
  • SegaDreamcast VMU


Note the software and the description of the optional expansion attacheble modules for ESPboy

  • GSM phone
  • GPS navigator
  • Meteostation
  • LORA messenger
  • RFID/NFC reader/repeater
  • Sub1Ghz inspector
  • Sub1Ghz scanner
  • MOD/S3M/XM/IT player
  • AY38910/12 Yamaha chip player
  • Web radio
  • FM radio
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Meccano rover
  • Flower watering
  • Ice fishing automation
  • Volt/Amper meter
  • CW radio beacon
  • RSS reader
  • Digital ruler
  • Pinger
  • Digital thermometer
  • Heart rate meter
  • WiFi analizer
  • WiFi sniffer
  • WiFi packet monitor
  • WiFi pinger
  • WiFi deauther
  • IR blaster
  • Geiger counter
  • I2C scanner
  • MP3 player
  • ... more modules design in progress :)


Thanks to @MLXXXp for helping me design and the whole community for their support and inspiration :)

Have fun!


Regards, Roman S. 


Relevant ESPboy links:

- Assembly instruction video

- Support ESPboy project
- DIY ESPboy1
- DIY breadboard
- DIY easy ESPboy
- WebAppStore
- Forum
- Discord
- Twitter
- Software
- YouTube 
- Retr0Rob's review
- Hackaday development log
- Hackster.io review
- Tindie
- OpenHardware certification
- OSHWA certification

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