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Std EditionBluety Front Panel

Profile:Front Panel for Bluety Case project

License: MIT

Project source: Cloned from Bluety Blink'n Switch

Published Time:2022-01-20 18:21:16
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Bluety is a set of PCBs for a blue case featuring an RC2014 computer:

  • a Front panel with cutouts for buttons, LEDs, switches, I/O pin headers, a power button and an LCD display
  • a Back panel with cutouts for switches and connectors
  • a Blink'n Switch I/O PCB fixed on the front panel
  • a Blink'n Switch Bus Daughter PCB for connection to the RC2014 bus

The blue case can be bought at Bangood.

Front panel

The front panel feature holes for:

  • Blink'n Switch devices (switches, inputs, outputs, leds)
  • a 4x20 LCD screen like this one at Banggood
  • a 20mm diameter Power Button like this one at Banggood
  • LEDs for the 0x0D output port (like the status LEDs of the SC126 computer)
  • screw holes for Blink'n Switch PCB, LCD display, and case corners

Back Panel

The back panel feature holes for:

  • a 5mm diameter power input
  • USB input and HDMI output for keyboard/display devices like the PiZero Terminal RC2014 board
  • Flash select and protect switches for SC126 computer
  • screw holes for switches, connectors and case corners

Blink'n Switch PCB

Blink'n Switch is an I/O PCB aimed at RC2014 computers and more specifically for the SC126. It is fixed on Bluety front panel and features:

  • two I/O ports with :
    • an input section with 8 LEDs, 8 on/off switches, one 8 pin header and one on/off switch for LEDs
    • an output section with 8 LEDs, one 8-pin header and one on/off switch for LEDs
    • a +5V/GND pin header
  • one 8 LEDs status section directly controled by output on the 0x0D I/O port (compatible with SC126 Firmwares)

It has cutouts to let space for an LCD display board and the power button.

Blink'n Switch Bus Daughter PCB

This PCB is an RC2014 bus board which relays the bus signals to Blink'n Switch PCB.


Front Panel

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 VDG/S-08L-H-R SW21,SW10 VDG/S-08L-H-R 2
2 22850102ANG1SYA02 FH6,FH5 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-F 2
3 74HCT688 U5,U1,U8 PDIP-20 3
4 204-10SURD/S530-A3 LED19,LED24,LED23,LED22,LED21,LED20,LED28,LED18,LED17,LED32,LED31,LED25,LED26,LED27,LED30,LED29,LED7,LED5,LED4,LED3,LED2,LED1,LED16,LED15,LED14,LED13,LED12,LED11,LED10,LED9,LED8,LED6,LED37,LED40,LED39,LED38,LED33,LED34,LED35,LED36 LED-3MM/2.54 40
5 100nF C8,C7,C6,C1,C2,C3,C4,C9,C10,C11 CAP-RAD-2.54MM 10
6 74HCT273N U6,U2,U9 PDIP-20 3
7 SN74HCT245N U7,U3 PDIP-20 2
8 10K RN4,RN1,RN7 RES-ARRAY-TH_9P-P2.54-D1.0 3
9 470 RN6,RN5,RN3,RN2,RN8 RES-ARRAY-TH_9PIN-L22.82-W3.00-PITCH2.54 5
10 Header-Female FH4,FH3,FH1,FH2 HDR-TH_8P-P2.54-V 4
11 Switch 2Pos SPDT on-off Baton SW22,SW20,SW11,SW9 SW-2POS-3P-TH-13.0X8.1-BATON 4
12 SW_SPDT SW18,SW17,SW16,SW15,SW14,SW13,SW12,SW19,SW4,SW1,SW6,SW7,SW8,SW2,SW3,SW5 SW-3POS-3P-TH-13.0X8.1-BATON 16
13 74HCT32 U4,U10 PDIP-14 2
14 100uF C5 CAP-ELEC-RAD-2.54MM 1


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