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1.Easy to use and quick to get started

2.The process supports design scales of 300 devices or 1000 pads

3.Supports simple circuit simulation

4.For students, teachers, creators


1.Brand new interactions and interfaces

2.Smooth support for design sizes of over 5,000 devices or 10,000 pads

3.More rigorous design constraints, more standardized processes

4.For enterprises, more professional users


STD 6 Pack 2.0 External

License: GPL 3.0

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Cloned from 6 Pack 2.0

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Update time: 2023-11-08 13:49:21
Creation time: 2022-05-17 19:28:05

This is a CNC controller for use with an ESP32 and FluidNC firmware. It uses plug in CNC I/O modules to allow it to control a vast array of external devices, like RS485 Spindles, lasers, coolant devices, etc. Check out my other projects to see what is available.




  • Control up to 6 external motor drivers. The signals are 5V with enough current to drive opto isolators. You can use 3 to 6 letttered axes (XYZABC) or you can control dual motor axes like XXYYZA.

  • 6 built in opto isolated inputs. This saves you from having to buy an input module. If 6 is not enough you can add install input modules in the CNC I/O module sockets.
  • 2 built in 5V output signals. Each has a status LED.
  • 3 CNC I/O Modules. #1 and #2 use GPIO and can support any module. #3 is output only. RS485, %V Ouput and Relay shown in product image.
  • Socket for standard ESP32-DevKitC modules in the 2x19 pin formats. It supports both 0.9" and 1.0" wide versions.
  • 6 extra digital outputs on pin headers.
  • Micro SD card socket.
  • 9VDC to 24VDC power input.
  • No jumpers or compiling. Everything is setup with a config file. (see attachments for an example)
  • Full support via Discord or Github Issues

All connections use plug in terminal blocks.

Buying from me.

I sell on Tinie (link coming soon) Contact me via Discord

Buying from JLCPCB

You need to buy the following mating connectors from LCSC 

(6) Stepper Motor Driver KF2EDGK-3.5-4P C440849

(3) Input/Output KF2EDGK-2.54-6P C577530

(1) Power Input XY2500F-A-5.0-2P LCSC P/N C504904

(3) MOD1-MOD3 12P Female Header LCSC P/N C225509 can be C350303

You also need a ESP32 Module in the 2x19 format ESP32-DevKitC


Alternate Parts


I sugest cloning the project and testing any alternates for fit


U6,U7,U8,U9 (Should be a 74AHCT595 in SOIC-16)

Texas Instruments SN74AHCT595DR
Diodes Incorporated 74AHCT595S16-13





Here is a video on how to order.

Design Drawing
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity link
1 100nF C1,C2,C9,C10,C11,C13,C14,C15 C0402 8 GCM155R71C104KA55D
2 47uF C3,C4 C0805 2 CL21A476MQYNNNE
3 2.2uF C5,C6 C0805 2 0805F225M500NT
4 39pF C7 C0402 1 CC0402JRNPO9BN390
5 6.8nF C8 C0402 1 0402B682K500NT
6 10uF C12 C0805 1 CL21A106KAYNNNE
7 B560C-13-F D1 SMC_L7.1-W6.2-LS8.1-RD 1 B560C-13-F
8 B340A-13-F D2 SMA_L4.4-W2.6-LS5.0-RD 1 B340A-13-F
9 2.54-1*19P母 J1 HDR-TH_19P-P2.54-V-F 1 2.54-1*19P母
10 ESP32-S2-LEFT J2 HDR-TH_19P-P2.54-V-F 1 ESP32-S2-LEFT
11 ESP32-S2-RIGHT J3 HDR-TH_19P-P2.54-V-F 1 ESP32-S2-RIGHT
12 Header-Male-2.54_1x4 J4,J5,J6 HDR-TH_4P-P2.54-V-M 3 Header-Male-2.54_1x4
13 10uH L1 IND-SMD_L5.4-W5.2 1 MWSA0503S-100MT
15 Mounting Hole 3.5 MH1,MH2,MH3,MH4 MOUNTING HOLE 3.5 4 Mounting Hole 3.5
16 A2541HWV-12P (MODULE) MOD1,MOD2,MOD3 HDR-TH_12P-P2.54-V-F (MODULE) 3 A2541HWV-12P (MODULE)
17 300Ω R1,R4,R9,R15,R20,R22 R0603 6 0603WAF3000T5E
18 4.3kΩ R2,R6,R7,R29,R30,R31,R32,R33,R34,R35,R36,R37,R38,R39,R40,R41,R42,R43,R44,R45,R46 R0603 21 0603WAF4301T5E
19 1kΩ R3,R5,R14,R17,R21,R23 R0603 6 0603WAF1001T5E
20 270kΩ R8 R0402 1 RC-02W2703FT
21 13kΩ R10 R0402 1 0402WGF1302TCE
22 1kΩ R11,R16 R0402 2 0402WGF1001TCE
23 100kΩ R12 R0402 1 0402WGF1003TCE
24 51kΩ R13 R0402 1 0402WGF5102TCE
25 10kΩ R18,R19 R0402 2 0402WGF1002TCE
26 10kΩ R24,R25,R26,R27,R28,R47,R48,R49 R0603 8 0603WAF1002T5E
27 TF-01A SD1 TF-SMD_TF-01A 1 TF-01A
28 KF2EDGRC-5.0-2P TB1 CONN-TH_P5.00_KF2EDGRC-5.0-2P 1 KF2EDGRC-5.0-2P
29 DB125-2.54-6P-GN TB2,TB3,TB4 CONN-TH_DB125-2.54-6P-GN 3 DB125-2.54-6P-GN CONN-TH_DB125-2.54-6P-GN
30 KF2EDGR-3.5-4P TB6,TB7,TB8,TB9,TB10,TB11 CONN-TH_4P-P3.50_KF2EDGR-3.5-4P 6 KF2EDGR-3.5-4P
31 TLP521GB-S U1,U4,U5,U11,U12,U13 OPTO-SMD-4_L6.5-W4.6-P2.54-LS10.0-TL 6 TLP521GB-S
32 TPS54360DDAR U2 SOIC-8_L5.0-W4.0-P1.27-LS6.0-BL-EP2.0 1 TPS54360DDAR
33 74AHCT125T14-13 U3 TSSOP-14_L5.0-W4.4-P0.65-LS6.4-BL 1 74AHCT125T14-13
34 74AHCT595T16-13 U6,U7,U8,U9 TSSOP-16_L5.0-W4.4-P0.65-LS6.4-BL 4 74AHCT595T16-13


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