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Update time: 2023-01-14 16:50:49
Creation time: 2022-08-06 14:54:58
# USB Power Delivery Decoy (CH224K) With the USB-PD Decoy, a USB-C power adapter can be used as a power supply with the option of selecting different output voltages via DIP switches. It is based on the cheap and easy-to-use CH224K multi-fast charging protocol power receiving chip. ![USB-PD_Decoy_CH224K_pic1.jpg](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wagiminator/Power-Boards/master/USB-PD_Decoy_CH224K/USB-PD_Decoy_CH224K_pic1.jpg) The CH224K integrates multiple fast charging protocols such as USB PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2 and other boost fast charging protocols on a single chip. It features: - 4V to 22V input voltage - PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2 and other fast charging protocols - USB Type-C PD, positive and negative insertion detection and automatic switching - E-Mark simulation, automatically detect VCONN, support 100W power PD request - requested voltage can be dynamically adjusted through a variety of methods - high integration of single chip, simplified peripheral and low cost - built-in over-voltage and over-temperature protection module The output voltage can be selected via the DIP switches as follows: |Output Voltage|SW1|SW2|SW3| |-|-|-|-| |5V|0|-|-| |9V|1|1|1| |12V|1|1|0| |15V|1|0|0| |20V|1|0|1| The Power-Good LED lights up when the selected voltage has been successfully negotiated with the USB-C power adapter and is present at the output. The voltage can also be changed during operation. 1. [CH224K Datasheet](https://datasheet.lcsc.com/lcsc/2204251615_WCH-Jiangsu-Qin-Heng-CH224K_C970725.pdf)
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part
1 1u C1 C_0603 1 SAMSUNG CL10A105KB8NNNC C15849
2 GT-USB-7010ASV CN1 USB-C-7010ASV 1 G-Switch(品赞) GT-USB-7010ASV C2988369
3 KF301-2P CN2 KF301-2P 1 Cixi Kefa Elec KF301-5.0-2P C474881
4 PWR LED1 LED_0603_S 1 EVERLIGHT 19-217/GHC-YR1S2/3T C72043
5 10k R1,R3,R4,R5 0603 4 UniOhm 0603WAF1002T5E C25804
6 1k R2,R6 0603 2 UniOhm 0603WAF1001T5E C21190
7 DSHP03TS-S SW1 SW-SMD_DIP3 1 XKB Enterprise DSHP03TS-S C319051
8 CH224K U1 ESSOP-10-EP 1 WCH CH224K CH224K


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