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1.Easy to use and quick to get started

2.The process supports design scales of 300 devices or 1000 pads

3.Supports simple circuit simulation

4.For students, teachers, creators


1.Brand new interactions and interfaces

2.Smooth support for design sizes of over 30,000 devices or 100,000 pads

3.More rigorous design constraints, more standardized processes

4.For enterprises, more professional users

Std EditionCognex_Conveyor

Profile:Clovis Community College Mechatronics Program Conveyor/Cognex Project 2022

License: Public Domain

Published Time:2022-03-11 02:38:50
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Mini Conveyor Belt will be connected to students' PLC and several Cognex Dataman 374x cameras to be able to read 1D and 2D barcodes. 



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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_JLCPCB Part Class
1 KF243A-5.0-3P CN1,CN2,CN3 CONN-TH_3P-P5.00_KF243A-5.0-3P 3 LCSC C475213 Cixi Kefa Elec KF243A-5.0-3P Extended Part
2 TS-1102S-C-G-B CW/CCW,START/STOP KEY-SMD_4P-L6.0-W6.0-P4.50-LS8.6 2 LCSC C381044 XKB Enterprise TS-1102S-C-G-B Extended Part
3 KF243A-5.0-12P DATAMAN1,DATAMAN2,DATAMAN3,PLC CONN-TH_12P-P5.00_KF243A-5.0-12P 4 LCSC C475221 Cixi Kefa Elec KF243A-5.0-12P Extended Part
4 KF243A-5.0-6P DRIVER CONN-TH_6P-P5.00_KF243A-5.0-6P 1 LCSC C475216 Cixi Kefa Elec KF243A-5.0-6P Extended Part
5 FH1-200CK-G FUSE FUSE-TH_L24.8-W9.8-P22.60 1 LCSC C268204 HONGJU(宏聚) FH1-200CK-G Extended Part
6 GP26-2520WV-3P H1 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V-M 1 LCSC C2681738 GEPU(歌普) GP26-2520WV-3P Extended Part
7 GP26-2520WV-2P H3 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 1 LCSC C2681737 GEPU(歌普) GP26-2520WV-2P Extended Part
8 NT90RNAE24CB0.9 K1,K2 RELAY-TH_NT90RXAXXXXX 2 LCSC C169140 Ningbo Forward Relay Corp NT90RNAE24CB0.9 Extended Part
9 1K R1,R2 RES-TH_BD3.0-L9.5-P13.50-D0.6 2 LCSC C58586 UniOhm MFR0S2F1001A20 Extended Part
10 20kΩ R3 RES-ADJ-TH_3362P 1 LCSC C81263 BOURNS 3362P-1-203LF Extended Part


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