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Profile:Features-rich ESP32 development board in super compact form factor

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  • Super compact & powerful, measured only 35.56x35.56mm (1400x1400mil) with 3x10P standard pitch 2.54mm (100mil) pinout, packing all the onboard features.
  • ESP32-WROOM-32UE, comes with latest ECO V3 Dual Core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor with clock up to 240MHz, ULP co-processor, 520kB SRAM, 16MB flash.
  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi Connectivity, support mode STA/AP/STA+AP mode with external antenna using U.FL/IPEX connector allowing the board to be installed inside the enclosure without worrying transceiver signal quality.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity, support classic bluetooth and Low Energy (LE) protocol.
  • CP2104 UART to USB Bridge, full-speed programmer & data port with auto-reset trigger using DTR and RTS line.
  • DS3231M RTC, extremely accurate ±5ppm RTC with alarm trigger capability and onboard MS621FE rechargeable backup battery. Connected via I2C at address 0x68.
  • Battery Powered, run SENTSOR board everywhere without power supply issue with 1-cell Lithium Ion/Polymer battery via JST-PH connector.
  • CN3165 Battery Charger, solar-powered and USB-compatible Lithium Ion/Polymer charger with on-chip adaptive charging current for wide range of input power scenario.
  • DW01A Battery Protection, battery usage protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit.
  • BQ27441-G1 Battery Fuel Gauge, accurately monitor your battery Relative State of Charge (RSOC).
  • RT9078 & RT9013 LDO, dual low quiescent current LDO design providing configurable +3.3V power rail up to 800mA.
  • Super Low Power, measured sleep mode power consumption down to XuW (XuA XV at VBAT pin, LDO2 off).
  • Built-in LED/RGB, single color active-low LED connected to pin IO2, and 4xSK6812 addressable RGB LED connected to pin IO4. SK6812 data out is exposed so you can chain it up with the rest of the LED circuit.
  • MicroSD socket, connected via SPI with slave select (SS) at pin IO5.
  • 22 pin GPIO @3V3 level, 3xUART, 2xSPI, 2xI2C, 2xI2S, 12bit ADC, 8bit DAC, hall-effect sensing, capacitive sensing, JTAG debug, etc. Please see pinout poster/schematic file for more information.



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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer
1 MS621FE BAT1 MS621FE 1 MS621FE Seiko Instuments Inc.
2 RST BTN1 SW-SMD_L3.9-W3.0-P4.45 1 TS-1088R-02026 XUNPU
3 BOOT BTN2 SW-SMD_L3.9-W3.0-P4.45 1 TS-1088R-02026 XUNPU
4 100u, 6.3V C1 CASE-B_3528 1 293D107X96R3B2TE3 VISHAY
5 10u C2,C4,C7 C0402 3 CL05A106MP5NUNC Samsung Electro-Mechanics
6 4.7u C3,C5 C0402 2 CL05A475KP5NRNC Samsung Electro-Mechanics
7 1u C6,C9,C10,C11 C0402 4 CL05A105KO5NNNC SAMSUNG
8 100n C8,C12,C13,C14,C15,C16,C17,C18,C19 C0402 9 CC0402KRX7R7BB104 YAGEO
9 HYC80-TF08-375 CARD1 HYC80-TF08-XXX 1 HYC80-TF08-XXX Shenzhen Huayu Chuang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.
10 JST-PH, 2P CN1 CONN-SMD_2P-P2.00_A2001WR-S-2P-AA 1 A2001WR-S-2P CNJM
12 BAT60A D1,D2 SOD-323_L1.8-W1.3-LS2.5-RD 2 BAT60AE6327HTSA1 Infineon Technologies
13 USBLC6-2SC6 D3 SOT-23-6_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 1 USBLC6-2SC6 STMicroelectronics
14 BAT54LP D5 DFN-2L_L1.0-W0.6-P0.65-RD 1 BAT54LP-7 DIODES
15 BSMD0402L-035 F1 F0402 1 BSMD0402L-035 BHFUSE
16 Blue LED1 LED-0402 1 16-213/BHC-AN1P2/3T EVERLIGHT
17 Green LED2 LED-0402 1 16-213/GHC-YR1S1/3T EVERLIGHT
18 Orange LED3 LED-0402 1 16-213UYOC/S530-A2/TR8 EVERLIGHT
19 White LED4 LED-0402 1 16-213/T3D-AP1Q2QY/3T EVERLIGHT
20 EC20-SK6812 LED5,LED6,LED7,LED8 SK6812-2020 4 EC20-6812 Normand
21 CJ2301 Q1 SOT-23-3_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.9-BR 1 CJ2301 S1 CJ
22 SL8205S Q2 SOT-23-6_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BL 1 SL8205S SLKORMICRO Elec.
23 UMH3N Q3 SC-70-6_L2.2-W1.3-P0.65-LS2.1-BL 1 UMH3N CJ
24 100k R1,R2,R13,R14 R0402 4 RC0402FR-07100KL YAGEO
25 10k R3,R7,R8,R15,R16,R17,R18,R20,R29 R0402 9 RC0402FR-0710KL YAGEO
26 3.9k R4 R0603 1 RC0603FR-073K9L YAGEO
27 100 R5 R0603 1 RC0603FR-07100RL YAGEO
28 1k R6,R22 R0402 2 RC0402FR-071KL YAGEO
29 0.01 R9 R0603 1 STE0603MW50R010F Walter Elec
30 1M R10 R0402 1 RC0402FR-071ML YAGEO
31 5.1k R11,R12 R0402 2 RC0402FR-075K1L YAGEO
32 300 R21 R0402 1 RC0402FR-07300RL YAGEO
33 XC6220B331MR-G U1,U2 TSOT-23-5_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BL 2 XC6220B331MR-G TOREX
34 CN3165 U3 DFN-8_L3.0-W3.0-P0.50-TL-EP 1 CN3165 ShangHai Consonance Elec
35 DW01A U4 SOT-23-6_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BL 1 DW01A TuoFeng
36 BQ27441DRZR-G1B U5 SON-12_L4.0-W2.5-P0.40-BL-EP 1 BQ27441DRZR-G1B Texas Instruments
37 CH340K U6 ESOP-10_L4.9-W3.9-P1.00-LS6.2-BL-EP 1 CH340K WCH(Jiangsu Qin Heng)
38 ESP32-WROOM-32U/UE U7 WIFIM-32UE-SMD_38P-L19.2-W18.0-P1.27 1 ESP32-WROOM-32UE(4MB) Espressif Systems
39 DS3231MZ+ U8 SOIC-8_L4.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1 DS3231MZ+ MAXIM


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