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Std edition SD Card Shield V3.0

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Published Time: 2021-04-11 03:33:03
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The SD card v3.0 shield adds storage to your Arduino project. It supports SD, SDHC, or MicroSD TF cards. Use the on-board toggle switch to select the SD card type. The card supports use of one and only one format of SD card, either SD/SDHC, or MicroSD. Before using an SD or MicroSD card, please set the shields "SELECT" switch to the proper setting: toward the SD/SDHC slot, or the MicroSD slot.

The SD Card shield v3.0 uses only the the SPI ports of Arduino. The shield is also stackable, so additional shields can go on top. There are Grove compatible sockets for the I2C and UART ports on board.

The SD Card shield v3.0 makes use of pin 10 as a chip select. Please be sure other stacked shields do not make use of that same pin. See v4.0 of this shield for a version that uses pin 4.

These next lines were user added: This shield works fine for the Arduino Mega 2560, you just have to make the appropriate connections. 4or10 ->53, 11->51, 12 ->50, and 13 ->52. This arrangement works fine so long as you make sure not to assign anything else to those pins.

enter image description here


Arduino/Seeeduino compatible( Do not compatible with Mega) Grove compatible SD card, Micro SD card and SDHC card supportable 3.3v and 5v logical voltage compatible 2.6~3.6v DC power supply


Item Min Typical Max Unit Voltage 2.7 3.3 3.6 V Current 0.159 40 200 mA Supported Card Type SD card(<=2G); Micro SD card(<=2G); SDHC card(<=16G) / Dimension 57.15x44.70x19.00 mm Net Weight 16.6 g

Interface Function enter image description here

D10 – Used for CS of SPI D11 – Used for MOSI of SPI D12 – Used for MISO of SPI D13 – Used for SCK of SPI Grove connectors - One for Uart serial port, and the other one for I2C port. Usage Hardware Installation Plug the SD Card Shield onto the Arduino; Insert your SD card into the socket and make sure the card selector pointing to the right way (Standard card or micro).And then connect the Arduino to PC with USB cable.

enter image description here Software First you have to get an SD card or micro SD card, and then format the SD card as FAT16 or FAT32 if it is necessary. Format the SD card as the screenshots below: enter image description here

Download the latest version of SdFat for Arduino. Uncompress this package and put it in Arduino-1.0 program: ..\arduino-1.0\libraries. Select the corresponding Arduino board, like Arduino UNO or Duemilanove or others, and the COM port you are using. Upload the sketch Sdinfo.The following image is the result from the serial monitor. Of course you can upload other sketches. SD card software.jpg If an error occurs, please recheck all the steps, and make sure the SD card is working. If none of that fixes the problem, try replacing the SD card. With that done, you can take a look at the other library examples for reading, writing, and sample logging with a GPS or real time clock. Enjoy! From: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/SD_Card_Shield_V3.0

design drawing
schematic diagram
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1 /
ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
2 female J4,J6 2.54_6P 2
3 male J5,J2 2.54_6P 2
4 male J7,J10 CK_1X8 2
5 female J8,J9 CK_1X8 2
6 TWIG-2.0-DIP UART,IIC 2.0_1X4_90 2
7 DNP J12,J11 65*35 2
8 TF Holder TF 9P-SMD-W-RING 1
9 1.8k R4,R3,R5 0603 3
10 3.3k R2,R1,R6 0603 3
12 MIC5205-3.3KB33 U1 SOT23-5 1
13 10uF C1,C2 0805 2
14 DNP C3 0603 1
15 6.3v_10uF C4 AVX-A 1
16 100nF C5,C6 0603 2
17 SWITCH-2CH-6P SELECT 6P-2CH-2.54-7.6X3.0 1


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