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STD Grove - Infrared Emitter

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Creation time: 2016-07-01 11:25:34
Update time: 2021-04-11 09:26:56
![enter image description here][1] **DESCRIPTION** The Infrared Emitter is used to transmit infrared signals through an infrared LED, while there is an Infrared receiver to get the signals on the other side . An infrared LED is like any other LED, with its color centered around 940nm. We can use the emitter not only to transmit data or commands, but also to emulate remotes to control your home appliance using an Arduino. The Infrared Emitter can transmit signals reliable up to 10 meters. Beyond 10 meters, the receiver may not get the signals. **Documents** Please visit our [wiki][2] page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our forum. For more detail, please visit: http://www.seeedstudio.com/item_detail.html?p_id=993 [1]: /editor/20160710/5782003be3c02.png [2]: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_Infrared_Emitter
Design Drawing
schematic diagram
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 TWIG J1 4P-LEADED-2.0 1
2 S9013 Q1 SOT23 1
3 1uF C1 0805 1
4 TSAL6200 D2 2P-LEADED-ROUND-2.54-R3.0 1
5 1k R2 0603 1
6 11 R1 0805 1
7 22k R3 0603 1


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