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Std Edition7_segment_LED_clock

Profile:7 segment LED clock based on the Atmega328AU microcontroller and WS2812 addressable LEDs. The LED clock circuit contains such nodes as: an ATmega328AU command microcontroller, a DS3231 real-time microcircuit, touch-sensitive buttons based on the TTP223-BA6 microcircuit and WS2812 addressable LEDs.

License: Public Domain

Published Time:2020-10-27 03:07:16
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Author: Romans Dodu, Hobby Home Electronics.



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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 CR2032-BS-6-1 B1 BAT-TH_CR2032-BS-6-1 1 LCSC C70377
2 10uF C1,C69,C71,C73 C0805 4 LCSC C17024
3 100nF C2,C3,C4,C5,C8,C10,C11,C12,C13,C14,C15,C16,C17,C18,C19,C20,C21,C22,C23,C24,C25,C26,C27,C28,C29,C30,C31,C32,C33,C34,C35,C36,C37,C38,C39,C40,C41,C42,C43,C44,C45,C46,C47,C48,C49,C50,C51,C52,C53,C54,C55,C56,C57,C58,C59,C60,C61,C62,C63,C64,C65,C66,C67,C68,C70,C72 C0805 66 LCSC C476766
4 22pF C6,C7 C0805 2 LCSC C465168
5 1uF C9 C0805 1 LCSC C111768
6 470uF C74 CAP-SMD_BD8.0-L8.3-W8.3-FD 1 LCSC C165531
7 CD4148WSP-C109001 D1 D0805-RD 1 LCSC C109001
8 DC-005-5A-2.5-SMT DC1 DC-IN-TH_DC-005-5A-2.0-SMT 1 LCSC C319133
9 210SMT-2*3P H1,H2 HDR-SMD_6P-P2.54-V-R2-C3-S7.3 2 LCSC C124390
10 HDR-M-2.54_1x1 J1,J2,J3,J4 HDR-M-2.54_1X1 4 LCSC C81276
11 WS2812B-B LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5,LED6,LED7,LED8,LED9,LED10,LED11,LED12,LED13,LED14,LED15,LED16,LED17,LED18,LED19,LED20,LED21,LED22,LED23,LED24,LED25,LED26,LED27,LED28,LED29,LED30,LED31,LED32,LED33,LED34,LED35,LED36,LED37,LED38,LED39,LED40,LED41,LED42,LED43,LED44,LED45,LED46,LED47,LED48,LED49,LED50,LED51,LED52,LED53,LED54,LED55,LED56,LED57,LED58 LED-SMD_4P-L5.0-W5.0-BL 58 LCSC C114586
12 IRLML6244TRPBF Q1 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-BR 1 LCSC C143946
13 100 R1 R0805 1 LCSC C25612
14 1K R2 R0805 1 LCSC C25612
15 10K R3,R10 R0805 2 LCSC C25612
16 4.7K R4,R5,R6,R7 R0805 4 LCSC C26022
17 200 R8,R11 R0805 2 LCSC C119079
18 GL5616(5-10K) R9 RES-PHOTO_CDS 1 LCSC C11301
19 TTP223E-BA6 U1,U4,U5,U6 SOT-23-6_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BL 4 LCSC C129457
20 ATMEGA328PB-AU U2 TQFP-32_L7.0-W7.0-P0.80-LS9.0-TL 1 LCSC C132230
21 DS3231M+TRL U3 SOIC-16_L10.3-W7.5-P1.27-LS10.3-BL 1 LCSC C37663
22 16MHz X1 HC-49S_L11.4-W4.8 1 LCSC C259047


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