RODYNE EV Motor Controller daughter MCU and resolver

1 year ago

Open source license: Public Domain

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Fits on the RODYNE Motor Controller Motherboard.

Dauughter board is seperated from motherboard to allow different MCU and Resolvers to be made if required.

The above project uses a Microchip 100Mhz dsPIC which has several well documented designs for motor control and the Texas Instruments PGA411 Resolver which interfaces the more common magnetic resolver found on the Nissan Leaf and many of the more common EV Motors and converts it to a Quadrature encoder signal which the dsPIC can directly process.

I will be working on the code for the MCU over the coming years and will post updates on my web site

Feel Free to substitute your favourite MCU :-)

Note this is the second revision with corrected pin dimensions and spacings.

Usual disclaimer. This is public domain and while every effort has been made to ensure the circuit is accurate, mistakes may occur and it is up to the system builder to ensure it works, refer to the dsPIC and PGA411 datasheets and reference designs (below) for information on operation.

Boz. July 2019


RODYNE EV Motor Controller Daughter Board Schematic

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daughter board pcb

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part
1 ICSP J1 1X05_LOCK 1 210S-1*5P L=11.6MMGold-plated black Ckmtw LCSC C124379
2 8Mhz Q1 HC49UP 1 X49SM8MSD2SC YXC LCSC C12674
3 22p C20,C19 C0805 2 CL21C220JBANNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C1804
4 dsPIC33CK U1 MCHP-TQFP-PT80 1 DSPIC33CK256MP508-I/PT Microchip Digi-Key DSPIC33CK256MP508-E/PT-ND
5 MCU-A P1 HDR-20X2/2.54 1 Header-Male-2.54_2x20 ReliaPro LCSC C50980
6 MCU-B P2 HDR-20X2/2.54 1 Header-Male-2.54_2x20 ReliaPro LCSC C50980
7 4.7K R1,R3,R2 0805 3 0805W8J0472T5E UniOhm LCSC C26022
8 SS34 D3,D9,D11,D6,D12,D10,D4,D14,D2,D1,D5,D7,D13,D8 SMAF 14 SS34F MDD LCSC C60396
9 51K R14,R13 0805 2 0805W8J0513T5E UniOhm LCSC C32507
10 56uH L1 606045(MM) 1 SWPA6045S560MT Sunlord LCSC C71556
11 MCP2562-E/SN U3 SOP-8_150MIL 1 MCP2562-E/SN MICROCHIP LCSC C53609
12 100nF C25,C27 0805 2 0805B104J500NT FH LCSC C29926
13 120Ω R30 R0805 1 TC0525F1200T5E UniOhm LCSC C61683
14 20K R25,R26 0805 2 AC0805FR-0720KL YAGEO LCSC C138271
15 RESOLVER P9 HDR-IDC-2.54-2X4P 1 IDC Box 2X4 2.54MM BOOMELE LCSC C9135
16 PGA411 Resolver-to-digital U2 HTQFP-64-EP-10X10MM (PGA411) 1 PGA411QPAPRQ1 Texas Instruments Digi-Key 296-44571-1-ND
17 100nF C7,C2,C31,C3,C4,C13,C12,C14,C6,C18,C8,C5,C10,C1 0805 14 CL21B104KBCNNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C1711
18 10K R9 0805 1 0805W8F1002T5E UniOhm LCSC C17414
19 10uF C11,C9 1210 2 10uF(106)-50V Samsung Electro-Mechanics LCSC C18791
20 68pF C28,C22,C26,C29,C24,C21,C23,C30 0805 8 0805CG680J500NT FH LCSC C1834
21 68K R15,R20 0805 2 TC0525F6802T5E UniOhm LCSC C108883
22 27K R18,R19,R23,R22,R21,R17,R16,R24 0805 8 0805W8F2702T5E UniOhm LCSC C17593


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