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1.Easy to use and quick to get started

2.The process supports design scales of 300 devices or 1000 pads

3.Supports simple circuit simulation

4.For students, teachers, creators


1.Brand new interactions and interfaces

2.Smooth support for design sizes of over 5,000 devices or 10,000 pads

3.More rigorous design constraints, more standardized processes

4.For enterprises, more professional users

How to create quality open-source projects

Update time : 2024-01-30

Open Source Hardware Lab is an open-source community dedicated to quality project sharing. The initial wish is that quality projects designed by users through EasyEDA can be published in this community, and both beginners and experts can get new inspiration or knowledge from these project sharing every day.

  1. Project Name

    Please fill in a project name that better describes the features of the projectproject name.png

  2. Cover Image

    Different types of projects correspond to different cover requirements, for hardware design projects we strongly recommend using a product image as your cover, you can also use the 3D PCB imagecover.png

  3. Project tag & Project Status

    Add [Project Tags] according to your project, and you can select up to 3 tags.

    Please select the status of your project, Ongoing/Completedproject status.png

  4. Description

    Crafting the perfect set of build instructions and documentation is imperative to the online success of your project. If you document your project with clear photos, concise and easy-to-follow wording, and you record each step of the process, chances are your content will spread far and wide across the internet. I have compiled a list of suggestions that will help you do just that.

    Introduce your idea 

    Describe your idea and the project information. What was your purpose for it? What are the project Highlights?Idea.png

    Schematic/PCB introduction

    Schematic design instruction, circuit analysis. Instructions for layout design and the problems that need to be paid attention to routing


  5. Media

    Please upload high-resolution images and videos


 [Official Project Case]

Refer to the following  [Official Project Case]. We'll show you the more ideal project templates.

1. USB Module (3.0 Hub)


Project Information: Based on the VL812 USB3.0 Hub, a USB3.0 input, 4-way USB3.0 output, single-supply 5V power supply, the internal integration of 5V to 3.3V, 5V to 1.2V circuit. Self-firmware, soldered and ready to use. Use TYPE-B input interface, easy to weld alignment, measured maximum speed of 461MB/s.

Chip Introduction -VL812

  • SuperSpeed USB Hub Controller

  • Supports four modes: SuperSpeed, HighSpeed, FullSpeed, and LowSpeed

  • Four downstream ports and one upstream port

  • Integrated voltage regulator to generate all required chip power from 5V inputs

  • Supports dual status indicators

  • Comprehensive USB battery charging support

Product Image:


2. Digital-Analog Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance car

1 Design requirements

Design a simple line tracking obstacle avoidance car, requires the use of digital circuits to achieve tracking function, analog circuits to achieve obstacle avoidance function.


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