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PRO USB concentrator-Based on SL2.1A

License: Public Domain

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Update time: 2024-04-29 09:50:24
Creation time: 2024-04-29 08:55:12

I. Chip Introduction
SL2.1A is a highly integrated, high-performance, low-power USB2.0 hub master controller chip; the chip uses STT technology, single power supply mode, the chip power supply voltage of 5V, the internal integration of 5V to 3.3V, only in the external power supply to add filtering capacitors; the chip comes with a reset circuit, low-power technology to make him more outstanding.
The chip can use external crystals or built-in crystals. If you use the built-in crystal, you need to ground the XI input of the chip.
It is recommended that you use an external crystal, using an external crystal is more stable.

Perfectly supports USB2.0 high speed (480MHz), USB2.0 full speed (12MHz) and low speed mode (1.5MHz)
Integrated 12M crystal oscillator
Integrated 12MHz-to-480MHz PPL (Phase Lock Loop)
Single Transaction Translator (STT) technology, the most cost-effective solution in the *TT series.
Supports automatic enumeration switching from self-powered to bus-powered.


Products Introduction

Brand: CoreChips

Manufacturer model: SL2.1A

Product Code: C192893

Package: SOP-16

Data sheet: 📁 Download the file

Solution verification board: Free verification board

Gross weight: 0.28g (g)

Packing: tube packing



Please Note
When using Type-C version, 5.1KΩ resistors should be pulled down opposite each other at CC1 and CC2 to make the C to C cable work properly, and if only A to C cable is used, the pull-down resistors here can be left un-soldered.


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