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STD RT300-MKV 250W CNC Buck-Boost Desktop Adjustable Power Supply

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Profile:RT300-MKV-EXTREME synchronous hybrid power stage automatic range buck-boost type CNC adjustable power supply

License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Creation time: 2023-09-15 14:20:11
Update time: 2023-09-15 14:28:40


EEI TECHNOLOGY 01P-HexaGon Series Project [RT300-MKV-EXTREME]
RT300-MKV-EXTREME automatic range digital control buck-boost adjustable DC power supply module, with constant voltage, constant current, user-defined overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower, short circuit protection function, and with data access function, convenient and quick adjustment out of the default value.
In order to reduce the performance waste of the MCU and improve reliability, the logic and display part uses a real-time operating system (RTOS).
Using a synchronous rectification hybrid power stage scheme, the highest efficiency can reach 95%, and it has extremely low voltage ripple.
The improved loop makes the DC gain close to infinity to achieve load regulation below 0.01%.
The voltage feed-forward control is adopted to greatly improve the dynamic response speed.
Different from other four-switch buck-boost, this product has extremely fast dynamic response speed and can flexibly cope with various types of loads.
The power part uses a solid-liquid hybrid capacitor, which ensures extremely low voltage ripple while compressing the volume.
High-side current sampling, the load can share the ground with the input power without affecting the current measurement.
The input has the function of anti-reverse connection, so there is no need to worry about the module being burned due to reverse connection.
The module has a diode emulation function, which can effectively prevent the current backflow during battery charging and cause the module to burn out.
Using high-precision Σ-Δ ADC, the full range measurement error is less than 0.05.
The third-generation self-calibration algorithm [AUTO CAL V3] has an extremely fast calibration speed, which can complete full-range calibration within half a second and ensure stable output.

Copyright statement

The copyright of this project is owned by EEI TECHNOLOGY electronic studio.
This project is a CC-BY-NC-SA agreement (that is, creative commons-signature-non-commercial-shared in the same way) and unauthorized derivation is prohibited (intercepting the original project part or modifying the original project based on the name of the new project) It is called "deduction"), even if it is authorized, its project must be shared in the same way before it can be deduced (the original author's signature and source must be marked). If you ignore the open source agreement and conduct commercial activities, the studio will hold its Relevant responsibilities and crack down on them! Please consciously abide by the open source agreement and jointly maintain the open source environment.
The display part of this project (EPA-INBX32P4418PO) has applied for a patent, please do not use it for commercial purposes.
Unauthorized secondary development is prohibited (that is, new works based on the original works, such as XXX power module, compatible with RT300 firmware, xx function expansion module based on RT300)
This project is only for DIY and learning purposes. It is forbidden to use this project for all commercial activities (selling, spreading, copying for profit), including the above three points and not limited to the above three points.
In order to increase the production cost and time and energy of some people with ulterior motives (to ensure that my products will not be mass-produced and resold by dealers on an e-commerce platform), I have some key materials for this project (partial capacitors, logic devices) ) has been controlled, please understand!
Because my programming level is very poor, and in order to avoid unnecessary copyright disputes (the "copyright dispute" here means that if someone uses my source code for commercial activities, the other party does not admit the use of my source code, and the embedded Software evidence collection is very difficult, almost impossible to obtain evidence, it is difficult to prove that the other party has stolen the source code), so the source code is not open (don’t take chances and ask me to ask for or intend to buy the source code from me, I will not give it), beg to be excused!

related items

Display board EPA-INBX32P4418POClick to jump
Shell-related (front and rear panels, power board fixing board) click to jump

The main parameters

Input voltage range: 10-30V
Maximum input current stress: 30A
Maximum fusing current: 25A
Output voltage range: 0-50V
Output current range: 0-10A (dynamically adjust the upper limit of constant current according to the output)
Maximum output power: 250W
Output ripple: 12V IN 24V OUT @ 3A: 48mVpp (including noise)
Adjustment resolution: 0.01
Set-readback error: < 0.005
Measurement error: < 0.03
Full range output voltage drop (0-10A) < 0.005
Statistical error of capacity: < 0.002WH / AH / hour
Data update rate 30Hz
ADC sampling rate: 1KSPS
Sampling interval: 3ms
Display type: 2.8" IPS FULL VIEW

Dynamic performance (12Vin 24Vout 3A/us 0.5A -> 3A 50% 100Hz)

Overshoot/Undershoot: < 25mV
Recovery time: < 1ms
Loop bandwidth/crossover frequency: >= 25KHz
Current loop switching speed: < 200us
Protection action time: < 5ms
Output ripple (12Vin 24V 3A Output)
Output ripple (12Vin 50V 1.1A Output)
Output ripple at rest (12Vin 24V Output)
Output Power-on Curve (50V)

99% power operation (12Vin)

Temperature after 20 minutes of 99% power operation
Input terminal current (12Vin)
Product front view
Product rear view
Functional block diagram
The firmware will be uploaded after completion, please wait patiently.
The PCB density of this project is relatively high, please prepare a heat gun and solder paste.
Do not use a soldering iron to solder ceramic capacitors, otherwise there is a chance of explosion.
The output capacitors of the power part (Boost, Buck) are all HBW solid-liquid hybrid capacitors. Please do not use ordinary electrolytic capacitors, which may explode.
Please do not replace certain materials with a fluke mentality. Replacement may lead to performance degradation and failure of the power module, and you will not receive any technical support.
When charging the battery, do not reverse the battery, otherwise it will cause the module to burn.
Design Drawing
schematic diagram
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