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STD Nettigo Air Monitor HECA (Heating Element Control Assembly)

License: TAPR Open Hardware License

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Update time: 2023-03-23 20:57:35
Creation time: 2018-12-04 12:37:58
# PTC Heating Element Control In this design we used precise temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion: SHT30 or SHT31 connected via I2C. Sensors are equipped with ALERT output. This output is connected to N-channel MOSFET and controls PTC Heating Element. Huge advantage of this design is ALERT logic which can be programmed via I2C and it's independent from main micro controller. In other words apart of sensor initialization it doesn't require any action from main micro controller. ## Usage - [PTC Heating element](https://nettigo.eu/products/ptc-heating-element-80c-12v) connect to connector marked as PTC HE (from SHT side) - I2C cable connect to SCL, SDA, 3V3 and GND - Heating element power supply connect to PTC and GND. PTC is positive terminal. Heating element supports from 5V to 12V. - I2C address is set to 0x44 permanently. On this board layout this address can not be changed. Track between SHT address pin is connected to GND directly under sensor chip itself. ## Project support If you would like to support this project consider buying assembled module form [Nettigo.pl](https://nettigo.pl/products/nettigo-air-monitor-heca-modul-kontroli-grzalki-ptc) or [Nettigo.eu](https://nettigo.eu/products/nettigo-air-monitor-heca-ptc-heating-element-control-assembly). ## License - This project is licensed under [TAPR Open Hardware License](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TAPR_Open_Hardware_License). - Project author: Krzysztof Daszuta (Nettigo.pl) - Project founder: Witold Rugowski (Nettigo.pl)
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