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Std EditionA320 MCDU Arduino Pro Mini - Mobiflight

License: GPL 3.0

Published Time:2021-02-02 03:41:40
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This panel is designed around the Arduino mega pro mini for use with Mobiflight. Due to limited pins on the core arduino, the OVFY, AIRPORT, SEC F.PLN, BRT and DIM buttons are connected to a secondary arduino pro micro mounted alongside. The LED indicators are also connected to this secondary arduino to be fully functional.



LED Backlighting - 12v supply powers the led backlight, pin13 on the arduino controls the brightness of them via a FET, if you prefer to control the brightness by varying the voltage instead, this is possible by bridging pins 2 and 3 of the FET pads on the PCB or connecting led power ground to the labelled hole..


LED indicators - all LEDs and resistors are able to be either traditional components ie. 3mm LED or surface mount components.


Additional function buttons. If discreet additional function buttons are desired they can be put in place of the top 5 indicator LEDs and used for functons such as TO Config, Cabin Call or any other function that is desired. The side LED's are also able to be changed for buttons and both blanks are also connected giving a total of 11 additional function buttons all honouring the correct layout!


This is DZUS compliant so will fit in any cockpit using this mounting system although this is optional.


All required Mobiflight files are attached.


The.svg file to print/cut your own front panel and keys is attached.


Windows Layout Manager and the pre-written configuration have been attached as a .zip to spread the screen to the edge properly on the MCDU.


This matches the Opencockpits panel footprint but not the Hispapanels panel which is slubtly different.

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