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STD hvac_rpi_io

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Update time: 2023-12-25 14:15:45
Creation time: 2022-07-23 18:23:51

raspberry pi input output expansion board. intended for controlling heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. has overcurrent and wiring error protections. durable and reliable in harsh industrial environments. includes 8 relay outputs, 8 switch inputs, 8 thermistor inputs, 4 thermocouple inputs, 2 rs485 interfaces, 4 HVAC damper actuator interfaces (0-10V analog output), 1 interface for tm1637 4 digit display, 2 0-10V analog inputs, 1 5-20mA analog input, 1 0-5V analog input, 2 current transformer inputs, voltage monitoring.


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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier SMT Type JLCPCB Part Class
1 1uF AC1,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC6,AC7,AC8,DC1,DC2,DC3,DC4,WC1,YC1,ZC1 C0603 15 CL10A105KB8NNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C15849 CL10A105KB8NNNC
2 100nF AC9,AC10,BC1,CC1,DC5,DC6,DC7,DC10,JC1,JC2,JC3,JC4,JC5,JC6,JC7,JC8,JC9,JC10,KC1,KC2,KC3,KC4,KC5,KC6,KC7,KC8,KC9,KC10,OC5,OC6,PC6 C0402 31 CL05B104KO5NNNC SAMSUNG LCSC C1525 CL05B104KO5NNNC
3 LL4148 AD1,AD2,AD3,AD4,AD5,AD6,AD7,AD8,AD9,AD10,AD11,AD12,AD13,AD14,AD15,AD16,BD9,BD10,BD11,BD12,CD1,CD2,CD3,CD4,CD5,CD6,CD7,CD8,CD9,CD10,CD11,CD12,CD13,CD14,CD15,CD16,DD1,DD2,DD3,DD4,DD5,DD6,DD7,DD8,DD9,DD10,DD11,DD12,DD13,DD14,DD15,DD16,DD17,DD18,GD1,GD2,GD3,GD4,LD1,LD2,MD1,MD2,WD1,WD2,YD1,YD2,ZD1,ZD2 LL-34_L3.5-W1.5-R-RD 68 LL4148 SEMTECH LCSC C9808 LL4148
5 3.3K AR1,CR1,CR5,CR9,CR13,CR17,CR21,CR25,CR29,DR21,HR1,HR2,IR1,IR2,JR1,KR1,OR2 R0402 17 0402WGF3301TCE UniOhm LCSC C25890 0402WGF3301TCE
6 4.7K AR2,AR4,AR6,AR8 R0402 4 0402WGF4701TCE UniOhm LCSC C25900 0603WAF4302T5E
7 100K AR3,AR5,AR7,AR9,AR11,AR13,AR15,AR17,BR2,BR5,BR8,BR11,BR14,BR17,BR20,BR23,CR3,CR7,CR11,CR15,CR19,CR23,CR27,CR31,DR17,DR18,DR19,DR20,WR1,YR1,ZR1 R0402 31 0402WGF1003TCE UniOhm LCSC C25741 0402WGF1003TCE
8 47K AR10,AR12,AR14,AR16 R0402 4 0402WGF4702TCE UniOhm LCSC C25792 0603WAF4302T5E
9 M7 BD1,BD2,BD3,BD4,BD5,BD6,BD7,BD8 DO-214AC_L4.3-W2.7-LS5.3-RD 8 M7 MDD LCSC C95872 M7_C95872
10 AO3400A BQ1,BQ2,BQ3,BQ4,BQ5,BQ6,BQ7,BQ8 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.6-P1.90-LS2.8-BR 8 AO3400A AOS LCSC C20917 AO3400A
11 1kΩ BR1,BR4,BR7,BR10,BR13,BR16,BR19,BR22,BR26,BR30,CR2,CR4,CR6,CR8,CR10,CR12,CR14,CR16,CR18,CR20,CR22,CR24,CR26,CR28,CR30,CR32,DR23,LR2,MR2 R0402 29 0402WGF1001TCE UniOhm LCSC C11702 0402WGF1001TCE
12 20kΩ BR3,BR6,BR9,BR12,BR15,BR18,BR21,BR24 R0402 8 0402WGF2002TCE UniOhm LCSC C25765 0402WGF2002TCE
13 3.3kΩ BR25,BR29 R0402 2 0402WGF3301TCE UniOhm LCSC C25890 0402WGF3301TCE
14 100kΩ BR27,BR28,BR31,BR32 R1206 4 1206W4F1003T5E UniOhm LCSC C17900 1206W4F1003T5E
15 74HC595 BU1 SOIC-16_L9.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1 74HC595D,118 Nexperia LCSC C5947 74HC595D,118
17 74HC165 CU1 SOIC-16_L9.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1 74HC165D,653 Nexperia LCSC C5613 74HC165D,653
18 SS34_C8678 D1,D2,OD1,OD2,OD3,PD1,PD2,PD3,PD4,PD5 DO-214AC_L4.3-W2.7-LS5.3-RD 10 SS34 MDD LCSC C8678 M7_C95872
19 27K DR1,DR4,DR6,DR8,DR9,DR11,DR13,DR15 R0402 8 0402WGF2702TCE UniOhm LCSC C25771 0402WGF2702TCE
20 8.2K DR2,DR3,DR5,DR7,DR10,DR12,DR14,DR16 R0402 8 0402WGF8201TCE UniOhm LCSC C25924 0402WGF8201TCE
21 8.2kΩ DR22 R0402 1 0402WGF8201TCE UniOhm LCSC C25924 0402WGF8201TCE
22 100kΩ DR24,OR14,PR14 R0402 3 0402WGF1003TCE UniOhm LCSC C25741 0402WGF1003TCE
23 LM358DR2G DU1,DU3 SOIC-8_L5.0-W4.0-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 2 LM358DR2G ON LCSC C7950 LM358DR2G
24 1K GR1,GR2 R0402 2 0402WGF1001TCE UniOhm LCSC C11702 0402WGF1001TCE
25 100nF HC1,HC2,IC1,IC2 C0402 4 CL05B104KB54PNC Samsung Electro-Mechanics LCSC C307331 CL05B104KB54PNC
26 PSM712-LF-T7 HD1,ID1 SOT-23-3_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.9-BR 2 PSM712-LF-T7 PROTEK LCSC C32677 PSM712-LF-T7
27 33K HR3,HR4,IR3,IR4 R0402 4 0402WGF3302TCE UniOhm LCSC C25779 0402WGF3302TCE
28 SP3485EN-L/TR HU1,IU1 SOIC-8_L5.0-W4.0-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 2 SP3485EN-L/TR EXAR LCSC C8963 SP3485EN-L/TR
29 74HC04D,653 HU4,IU4 SOIC-14_L8.7-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 2 74HC04D,653 Nexperia LCSC C5590 74HC04D,653
30 100Ω LR1,MR1,OR3,OR6,PR3 R0402 5 0402WGF1000TCE UniOhm LCSC C25076 0402WGF1000TCE
31 10uF OC2,OC3,OC4,OC7,OC8,OC9,PC2,PC3,PC4,PC5 C0805 10 GRM21BR61H106KE43L Murata Electronics LCSC C440198 CL21A226MAQNNNE
32 0805G (Green) OLED1,OLED2,PLED1,PLED2 LED0805-RD_GREEN 4 0805G (Green) KENTO LCSC C2297 0805G (Green)
33 6.8kΩ OR1,PR6,R1,R2 R0402 4 0402WGF6801TCE UniOhm LCSC C25917 0402WGF6801TCE
34 47kΩ OR4 R0402 1 0402WGF4702TCE UniOhm LCSC C25792 0402WGF5602TCE
35 10kΩ OR5,OR11,OR12,OR13,OR15,OR16,PR5,PR13,PR16,YR2,ZR2 R0402 11 0402WGF1002TCE UniOhm LCSC C25744 0402WGF1002TCE
36 6.2kΩ OR7 R0603 1 0603WAF6201T5E UniOhm LCSC C4260 0603WAF6201T5E
37 12kΩ OR8 R0402 1 0402WGF1202TCE UniOhm LCSC C25752 0402WGF1202TCE
38 330Ω OR9,OR10 R0402 2 0402WGF3300TCE UniOhm LCSC C25104 0402WGF3301TCE
39 AMS1117-3.3 OU1,OU4 SOT-223-3_L6.5-W3.4-P2.30-LS7.0-BR 2 AMS1117-3.3 AMS LCSC C6186 AMS1117-3.3 1476261164
40 CJ431_C3113 OU2,OU3,PU2 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.6-P1.90-LS2.8-BR 3 CJ431 CJ LCSC C3113 CJ431_C3113
41 510Ω PR1 R0402 1 0402WGF5100TCE UniOhm LCSC C25123 0402WGF5101TCE
42 18kΩ PR2 R0402 1 0402WGF1802TCE UniOhm LCSC C25762 0402WGF1802TCE
43 68kΩ PR4 R0402 1 0402WGF6802TCE UniOhm LCSC C36871 0402WGF6802TCE
44 AMS1117-5.0 PU1 SOT-223_L6.5-W3.5-P2.30-LS7.0-BR 1 AMS1117-5.0 AMS LCSC C6187 AMS1117-5.0 1466676067
45 150Ω WR2 R0805 1 0805W8F1500T5E UniOhm LCSC C17471 0805W8F1500T5E
46 3.9kΩ YR3,ZR3 R0402 2 0402WGF3901TCE UniOhm LCSC C51721 0402WGF3901TCE


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