7 Seg Display using DM9368N

10 months ago

Profile:8 bit parallel to dual 7 segment display module suitable for breadboarding using the DM9368N

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8 bit parallel to dual 7 segment display module using DM9368N.

Not clocked and suitable for breadboarding as part of my SPAM-1 cpu build.


The DM9368N will work fine without any resistors as it has current limiting however it drives at up to 20mA, but I want to limit the current a bit more so it's not as power hungry.


To save space I'm using a single resistor on the common cathode of the display which is a bit of a compromise.

This approach means that the display brightness may flicker as the number of illuminated digits changes.

However, the better design of one resistor per segment takes up a lot more space. I'd probably want to use a set of SMD resistors in that case. I'm using DM9368N chips because I have them. There is also the MC14495P1 driver and it has an integrated resistor array that limits the current to a few mA I think. But I think the MC14495P1 is harder to get hold of an in any case I already have DM9368N.




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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 10k R4 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 1
2 250R R3 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 1
3 O R1,R2 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 2
4 100nf C2 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 1
5 100uf C1 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V-M 1
6 Header_8x1 H1,H2 210S-8X1/2.54 2
7 DM9368N U1,U2 DIP16 2
8 0.56 Seven Segment CC LED1,LED2 0.56 SEVEN SEGMENT CC 2


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