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Std EditionRC switch

Profile:RC switch for use with RC receiver to decode PWM signal and turn on and off things.

License: GPL 3.0

Published Time:2022-08-05 20:33:41
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This is an ATTINY85 based design to control 5V items on an RC project.

The sketch will turn off the 2 ports or turn 1 on or both on. The ATTINY85 will decode the PWM signal.

The PN2222 transistors allow for some buffering. Currently designed for 15mA LEDs but the resistor value could be changed if necessary.

The main idea is to use it with the CH4 on the remote that has 3 positions. It could be used with an on and off switch if that is on the RC transmitter.

It runs off the 5V of the input. The current setup puts the 5V to the plus of the output and pulls minus of the output to ground when switched on. One could use an external relay or transistor to switch higher voltage if needed.


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