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STD WSPR-beacon

License: GPL 3.0

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Update time: 2024-05-23 13:47:38
Creation time: 2024-05-09 10:05:11
# WSPR-beacon **[GitHub project page | WSPR-beacon](https://github.com/IgrikXD/WSPR-beacon)** A small hardware device for transmitting WSPR messages based on the SI5351 IC. The device has a built-in TCXO to eliminate SI5351 frequency drift, a built-in GPS module for operation with active GPS antennas, transmission time synchronization and automatic QTH locator calculation, and a simple amplifier based on a single BS170 transistor. PCB is made on based on SMD components and adapted for installation in an aluminum enclosure with dimensions 80 x 50 x 20 mm. ## Basic characteristics of the WSPR-beacon: **RF connectors:** SMA **Feed line:** 50 Ohm coaxial cable **GPS antenna type:** active, external **Maximum output power:** ~23 dBm **Supply voltage:** 5V, USB-B **Used PCB Material:** FR-4 **PCB thickness:** 1.6 mm **PCB copper weight:** 1 oz ## Resources: [A Little WSPR Beacon (Aren’t They All Little?) – Dave Richards AA7EE](https://aa7ee.wordpress.com/2023/02/26/a-little-wspr-beacon-arent-they-all-little/) [ESP WSPR – Simple and Inexpensive WSPR Transmitter - Ankara Telsiz ve Radyo Amatörleri Kulübü Derneği](https://antrak.org.tr/blog/esp-wspr-simple-and-inexpensive-wspr-transmitter/) [HarrydeBug/WSPR-transmitters: Arduino firmware for ZachTek WSPR transmitters.](https://github.com/HarrydeBug/WSPR-transmitters/tree/master) [K1FM-WSPR-TX - GitHub](https://github.com/adecarolis/K1FM-WSPR-TX) [QRP Labs QRSS/WSPR TX Kit](https://qrp-labs.com/images/ultimate3s/assembly_u3s_r3_lt.pdf) [WSPR beacon – Projets radio](https://hamprojects.wordpress.com/2019/06/02/wspr-beacon/) [WSPR - Signal Identification Wiki](https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/WSPR) ## Who helped me with the development of the project? Great thanks to [PCBWay](https://pcbway.com) for manufacturing the PCBs for the project as a sponsored contribution. ## How to contact me? - E-mail: [igor.nikolaevich.96@gmail.com](mailto:igor.nikolaevich.96@gmail.com) - Telegram: [https://t.me/igrikxd](https://t.me/igrikxd) - LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/in/igor-yatsevich/](https://www.linkedin.com/in/igor-yatsevich/)
Design Drawing
schematic diagram
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Manufacturer Supplier
1 CR1220-2 B1 BAT-SMD_CR1220-2 1 CR1220-2 Q&J LCSC
2 100n C1,C6,C7,C8,C11,C13,C15,C16,C19 0805 9 CC0805JRX7R9BB104 YAGEO LCSC
3 10u C2 CASE-A_3216 1 TAJB107M010RNJ Kyocera AVX LCSC
4 100u C3,C18 CASE-B_3528 2 TAJB107M010RNJ Kyocera AVX LCSC
5 22p C4,C5,C9,C10 0805 4 CC0603JRNPO9BN220 YAGEO LCSC
6 10u C12 0805 1 CL21A106KOQNNNE Samsung Electro-Mechanics LCSC
7 100p C14 0805 1 C2012C0G2A101JT000N TDK LCSC
8 10n C17,C20 0805 2 0805B103J500NT Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech LCSC
9 PTC, 600 mA, 6V F1 F0805 1 BSMD0805-030-6V BHFUSE LCSC
10 TX OUT J1 SMA-EDGE 1 ANKX01.0093 RFsister LCSC
11 GPS ANT J2 SMA-EDGE 1 ANKX01.0093 RFsister LCSC
12 47n L1 0805 WITHOUT MASK 1 FHW0805UC047JGT FH (Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech) LCSC
13 RED LED1 LED-0805 1 F.0805.00006/P2-0805R1TS2-08T-002 TUOZHAN LCSC
14 GREEN LED2,LED3 LED-0805 2 NCD0805G1 Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics LCSC
15 BS170 Q1 TO-92-3_L4.9-W3.7-P1.27-L 1 BS170 onsemi(安森美) LCSC
16 1M R1 0805 1 RC0805FR-071ML YAGEO LCSC
17 10k R2 0805 1 0805WAD1002T5E Uniroyal Elec LCSC
18 1k R3,R4,R5 0805 3 0805W8F1001T5E UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) LCSC
19 4.7k R6,R7 0805 2 0805W8F4701T5E UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) LCSC
20 3.3k R8 0805 1 0805W8F3301T5E UNI-ROYAL(Uniroyal Elec) LCSC
21 3.3k R9 RES-ADJ-SMD_VG039NCH 1 VG039NCHXTB332 HDK(Hokuriku Elec Industry) LCSC
22 MTS-101/102-C3 SW1 MTS-102-C3 1 NULL NULL Ebay LjTecMmIi
23 FT37-43-Bifilar 10T T1 BIFILAR_FT37-43 1 FT37-43 Amidon Amidon
24 LM1117IMPX-3.3/NOPB U1 SOT-223_L6.5-W3.5-P2.30-LS7.0-BR 1 LM1117IMPX-3.3/NOPB TI(德州仪器) LCSC
25 CH340G U2 SOIC-16_150MIL 1 CH340G Jiangsu Qin Heng LCSC
26 ATMEGA328P-AU U3 TQFP-32_7X7X08P 1 ATMEGA328P-AU Microchip Tech LCSC
28 25MHz CMOS TCXO U5 OSC-SMD_4P-L3.2-W2.5-BL_7Q26000001 1 TC32H4-25.000-33GNDTNL HCI LCSC
30 USB-B USB1 USB TYPE B 1 C46392 Jing Extension of the Electronic Co. LCSC
31 12MHz X1 CRYSTAL-SMD_4P-L3.2-W2.5-BL_SIT8008BI 1 CF4012M00020001 HUAXIN(华昕) LCSC
32 16MHz X2 CRYSTAL-SMD_4P-L3.2-W2.5-BL_SIT8008BI 1 CF4016M00012001 HUAXIN(华昕) LCSC


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