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STD atmega8 dev board

License: Public Domain

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Update time: 2021-12-15 11:37:40
Creation time: 2020-09-11 00:35:39
This is my atmega8 (and ATmega328 compatible) development board. As it has the uart connector, you can program it in the arduino ide, if you are into that. You just need to download the bootloader through isp programming. (I personally prefer to do it the expert way) I added some connectors according to what I usually use: UART I2C (also pull ups) SPI (with an extra pin for devices such as nrf24, that need more than 4 SPI pins) SSD1306 OLED Display onboard Buzzer (I forgot to put a jumper on it, so it may make noise if you use SPI ) MB 2 ADC ports at the bottom, alongside vcc and gng 1 ADC at the top, which Im planning on soldering an LM35 AREF connector at thetop left, to customize the adc reference. T0CI on the left (clock input for timer 0)You can use forcounting pulses or whatever PWM connector on the left for the 3 pwm outputs (also gnd and vcc) USBASP connector on the right, for programming purposes (it doesn't use the default connector. You may have to make a new cable) 5 onboad switchers which are read via one acc channel. LED outputs on D6 and D7 as I had them to spare Suggestions I have if you are planning on using this board: Change the programming connector to fit the usual pinout (the 2x3 connector) put a jumper of some sort on the buzzer so it doesn't do it's thing when you don't want it to. Using another pin as an enable would be awesome. You can also make it smaller, but as this was my first time at easyeda I was in a hurry to order the pcb =p If you make changes to it, please send me the link so I can see it and inspire myself to improve mine on the future.
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