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Std EditionFlow-Batch Controller

Profile:This Project details the development and construction of a flow-batch controller prototype for various applications in analytical chemistry where this methodology can be applied.

License: CERN Open Hardware License

Published Time:2021-09-03 05:20:43
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The flow-batch controller is composed by two separate units, the peristaltic pump and the valve controller.

The peristaltic pump is assembled with a custom drive unit and a commercial pump head with four channels (Pump Head R4 for Gilson minipuls3).

The drive unit also acts as the master controller of the flow-batch system. It sends commands through a WiFi protocol (ESP-NOW) to the valve controller for the activation of the corresponding valve for the configured time.

The main characteristics of this system are:

• Peristaltic pump drive unit capable of varying from 0 to 50 rpm with user-friendly interface to configure all the application parameters of a flow-batch system.

• Wireless Valve activator with 12V digital outputs for the multi-commutation system.


FB Controller

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PCB_Flow-Batch Controller

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Valve Controller

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PCB_Valve Controller

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