Homely WSN - Basic Board V1

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Open source license: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Homely WSN Basic Board (V1) is an IoT board to collect environmental data (temperature, humidity and pressure) and to push them to a centralized server through Wi-Fi.

Main components

  • ESP8266 (ESP-12S, ESP-WROOM-2D)
  • Digital temperature and humidity sensor Sensirion SHT30
  • Digital temperature and pressure sensor Bosch BMP280
  • RTC Maxim Integrated DS3231
  • Reset and User buttons
  • Switch ON/OFF
  • Low quiescent current LDO Analog Device ADP160
  • USB-C connector for power supply


The entire board is manually assemblable, no stencil is required. Hot air gun will be necessary for BMP280 and SHT30.


You need an external USB-serial converter to upload the firmware. You may use this, designed to be pin-compatible with this board.

The firmware will be published on Github, but it still requires a bit of work.

After flashing firmware, you need you solder the SJ2 to enable deep-sleep.


  • 1.0.0 ✅: first version, I have no complain. Here you can find a 3D-printable case to protected the circuit.
  • 2.0.0 ❔: update buttons footprint; ESP12->ESP02; add JST PH 2-pin for battery; 0805->0603 package; USB sliglhy exposed; add mount hole; new logo; Errata corrige: C2 is 100nF
  • 2.0.1 ✅: fix copper area behind antenna. 3D-pritable case

Versioning conventions

Each manufactured board must have a version. Version advancements are ruled accordingly to Semantic Versioning, similarly to what usually happens in software development.

To quickly identify the status of each version, I use emojis. The following list explains their meaning:

  • A White Heavy Check Mark (✅) means that it is successfully tested;
  • A Negative Squared Cross Mark (❎) means that it was almost successfully tested (the main functionalities are fine), but there are bugs affecting minor funcionalities;
  • A Warning Sign (⚠) means that the board is not usable out of the box but the bugs are fixable in DIY (decent) fashion;
  • A Cross Mark (❌) means that there are some problems that makes it unusable;
  • A White Question Mark Ornament (❔) means not tested.

Future work:

  • Header 1.27mm for programming
  • keep 1mm of margin from the border to allow case's hooks


Basic Board

Open in editor

Basic Board

Open in editor


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 1uF C1,C3 C0603 2
2 10uF C4 C0603 1
3 100nF C2,C7 C0603 2
4 Header 1x02 2.54mm H1 1X02 2.54-SPACED HOLES 1
5 HEADER 6-PIN_Female H2 1X06 2.54-SPACED HOLES 1
6 JST-PH-2-PIN_Connector JST1 JST-PH-2-SMT-RA 1
7 LED-Blue LED1 LED-0603 1
8 10k R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7 R0603 7
9 1k R8 R0603 1
10 5.1k R10,R11 R0603 2
11 Solder Jumper SJ1 SJ_2S 1
12 DeepSleep Solder Jmp SJ3 SJ_2S 1
13 K2-1107ST-A4SW-06 SW1,SW2 KEY-SMD_L6.2-W3.6-LS8.0 2
14 MSK-12C02 SW3 SW-TH_MSK12C02 1
15 SHT30-DIS-B U1 DFN-8_L2.5-W2.5-P0.50-BL-EP 1
16 ADP160AUJZ-3.3-R7 U2 TSOT-23-5_L2.9-W1.6-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 1
17 DS3231SN U3 SOIC-16_L10.3-W7.5-P1.27-LS10.3-BL 1
18 BMP280 U4 SENSOR-TH_BMP280-BL 1
19 ESP-WROOM-02D(4MB) U5 WIFIM-SMD_19P-L18.0-W20.0-P1.50 1
20 USB-310F USB1 USB-C-SMD_20P-P0.50-L6.5-W8.9 1


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