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2.The process supports design scales of 300 devices or 1000 pads

3.Supports simple circuit simulation

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3.More rigorous design constraints, more standardized processes

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Std EditionCW Flea Version 1.3

Profile:Open Hardware, open source software. Arduino CW transmitter for 40, 30 and 20m Radio Amateur Band.

License: GPL 3.0

Project source: Cloned from CW Flea

Published Time:2021-12-21 19:37:35
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An Open Source / Open Hardware shortwave CW transmitter for the 40,30 and 20m bands.
Software and initial design by Kevin Loughin - KB9RLW   https://www.youtube.com/user/loughkb
PCB  by Harry Zachrisson - SM7PNV    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWizrvekyDFcg_t2AxlIY2g


GitHub: https://github.com/HarrydeBug/CW_Flea


Schema CW Flea 1.3

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PCB_CW Flea 1.3

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part BOM_JLCPCB Part Class
1 20m 20M LED0805-RD_GREEN 1 LCSC KENTO 0805G (Green) C2297 Basic Part
2 30m 30M LED0805-RD_GREEN 1 LCSC KENTO 0805G (Green) C2297 Basic Part
3 40m 40M LED0805-RD_GREEN 1 LCSC KENTO 0805G (Green) C2297 Basic Part
4 DOSIN-801-0050 ANTENNA BNC-TH_DOSIN-801-0051 1 LCSC dosinconn DOSIN-801-0050 C521210 Extended Part
5 Key AUDIO1 AUDIO-SMD_PJ-313D 1 LCSC HRO PJ-313D C95463 Extended Part
6 22uF C1,C3,C4,C5,C19 C0805 5 LCSC SAMSUNG CL21A226MAQNNNE C45783 Basic Part
7 100nF C2,C6,C23,C24 C0805 4 LCSC SAMSUNG CL21B104KCFNNNE C28233 Extended Part
8 560pF C7,C26 C0805 2 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO9BN561 C107119 Extended Part
9 470pF C8 C0805 1 LCSC Huaxin S&T 0805N471J500 C163163 Extended Part
10 330pF C9 C0805 1 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO0BN331 C113820 Extended Part
11 390pF C10 C0805 1 LCSC FH 0805CG391J500NT C1818 Extended Part
12 220pF C11,C12,C16 C0805 3 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO0BN221 C113819 Extended Part
13 270pF C13 C0805 1 LCSC WTC 0805N271J500 C123644 Extended Part
14 120pF C14,C15 C0805 2 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO9BN121 C107109 Extended Part
15 39pF C17 C0805 1 LCSC Huaxin S&T 0805N390J500CT C296098 Extended Part
16 82pF C18 C0805 1 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO9BN820 C113833 Extended Part
17 56pF C20 C0805 1 LCSC YAGEO CC0805JRNPO0BN560 C113822 Extended Part
18 150pF C25 C0805 1 LCSC FH 0805B151K500NT C1716 Basic Part
19 321006SG0ABK00A01 CN1 IDC-TH_321006SG0ABK00A01 1 LCSC JILN 321006SG0ABK00A01 C601936 Extended Part
20 SM4007PL D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6 SOD-123F_L2.8-W1.8-LS3.7-RD 6 LCSC MDD SM4007PL C64898 Basic Part
21 12 DC in DC1 DC-IN-TH_DC005 1 LCSC HRO DC-005-25A C136715 Extended Part
22 HFD4/5-S_C425975 K1,K2 RELAY-SMD_HFD4-5-S 2 LCSC Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic HFD4/5-S C425975 Extended Part
23 1uH L1 IND-SMD_L4.8-W3.4 1 LCSC Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech FHW1812IF1R0JST C394110 Extended Part
24 820nH L2,L3 IND-SMD_L2.9-W2.8 2 LCSC Abracon LLC AISC-1008-R82J-T C187057 Extended Part
25 560nH L4 L1812 1 LCSC Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech FHW1812IFR56JST C394109 Extended Part
26 470nH L5,L6 IND-SMD_L3.2-W2.5 2 LCSC TDK NLV32T-R47J-EF C295151 Extended Part
27 MMBT3904 Q1,Q2 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-BR 2 LCSC CJ MMBT3904 C20526 Basic Part
28 1K R1,R2,R3,R9,R10,R13,R14,R16,R17 R0805 9 LCSC UniOhm 0805W8F1001T5E C17513 Basic Part
29 10K R4,R5,R15,R18,R19 R0805 5 LCSC UniOhm 0805W8F1002T5E C17414 Basic Part
30 2.2K R6,R7,R8 R0805 3 LCSC UniOhm 0805W8F2201T5E C17520 Basic Part
31 1M R11 R0603 1 LCSC UniOhm 0603WAF1004T5E C22935 Basic Part
32 To Receiver SMA SMA-TH_HJ-SMA003 1 LCSC 皇捷 HJ-SMA003 C1509227 Extended Part
33 Band SW1 KEY-TH_4P-L7.5-W6.8-P4.50-LS7.2 1 LCSC XUNPU TS-1002NT-26 C455197 Extended Part
34 Tune Down SW2 KEY-TH_4P-L7.5-W6.8-P4.50-LS7.2 1 LCSC XUNPU TS-1002NT-26 C455197 Extended Part
35 Tune Up SW3 KEY-TH_4P-L7.5-W6.8-P4.50-LS7.2 1 LCSC XUNPU TS-1002NT-26 C455197 Extended Part
36 KT-0603R TX LED0603-R-RD 1 LCSC KENTO KT-0603R C2286 Basic Part
37 MS5351M U1 MSOP-10_L3.0-W3.0-P0.50-LS5.0-BL 1 LCSC 杭州瑞盟 MS5351M C1509083 Extended Part
38 ATMEGA328P-AU U2 TQFP-32_L7.0-W7.0-P0.80-LS9.0-BL 1 LCSC MICROCHIP ATMEGA328P-AU C14877 Basic Part
39 SN74HC244PWR U3,U7 TSSOP-20_L6.5-W4.4-P0.65-LS6.4-BL 2 LCSC TI SN74HC244PWR C6835 Extended Part
40 TLC-NSMD025 U4,U5 R1206 2 LCSC TLC Electronic TLC-NSMD025 C261950 Extended Part
41 XC6206P332MR U8 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.6-P1.90-LS2.8-BR 1 LCSC TOREX XC6206P332MR C5446 Basic Part
42 CH340C U9 SOP-16_L10.0-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 1 LCSC WCH CH340C C84681 Extended Part
43 CJ78M05_C9070 U10 TO-252-3_L6.5-W5.8-P4.58-TL 1 LCSC CJ CJ78M05 C9070 Extended Part
44 U-F-M5DD-Y-L USB1 MICRO-USB-SMD_MICRO-USB-18 1 LCSC HRO U-F-M5DD-Y-L C91146 Extended Part
45 26MHz X1 OSC-SMD_4P-L2.5-W2.0-BL 1 LCSC KDS 1XXB26000MAA C132296 Extended Part
46 8MHz X2 OSC-SMD_L5.0-W3.2 1 LCSC YXC X50328MSB2GI C115962 Basic Part


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