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Std edition RS485 CNC I/O Module

Profile:Module for the 6 Pack Universal CNC Controller

License: GPL 3.0

Published Time: 2022-09-01 08:35:14
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This an RS485 Modbus CNC I/O Module designed for use with the 6 Pack Universal CNC Controller. It can be used to control RS485 spindle VFDs. The currently firmware supports Huanyang spindles with both the original and newer protocols.


RS485 Control is very robust and allow both precise speed control as well as direction control. The firmware constantly monitors the performance of the spindle and can stop your job if the spindle working properly.


Configuring for FluidNC

# module Socket #3
: uart: txd_pin: gpio.26 rxd_pin: gpio.16 rts_pin: gpio.4 baud: 9600 mode: 8N1 modbus_id: 1 tool_num: 0 speed_map: 0=0% 0=25% 6000=25% 24000=100%

#Module Socket #3

    txd_pin: gpio.14
    rxd_pin: gpio.15
    rts_pin: gpio.13
    baud: 9600
    mode: 8N1
  modbus_id: 1
  tool_num: 10
  speed_map: 0=0% 0=25% 6000=25% 24000=100%


  • Buying assembled from JLCPCB

    They will only assemble one side. You should specifiy the top side. You must purchase and solder the 12 pin header on the bottom. It is a standard 0.100" (2.54mm) pitch header. You can buy snap off style many places or the exact part here. LCSC part number C225487

    You also need to buy the mating terminal block (Cixi Kefa Elec KF2EDGK-3.5-3P) from LCSC

  • Both those parts are on the BOM of the schematic.

    PCB Specs

    You can use all of the defaults. I typically change the solder mask to black for 6 Pack modules.

    Layers: 2
    Thickness: 1.6mm
    Copper Weight: 1oz


How to order


Here is a video on how to order.



Design Drawing
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