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Std Editionservo_limit_est_sw

Profile:Attiny85 servo control

License: MIT

Published Time:2021-05-14 18:56:35
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This program is written for the Attiny85. It moves a servo between 2 end positions using two push buttons. The end positions are adjustable by using a program mode selected by a third button. The positions are stored in eeprom so they are not lost on power down. If the circuit is powered on with the program button held down, the default values are restored. The project was started after watching this video by pileofstuff:


The video is about controlling the track switches on a model train layout with either push buttons or IR sensors. The push buttons are for manual control. The IR sensors detect a train coming and set the switch in the direction that won't derail the train. The end positions of the servos need to be adjustable so the servo doesn't bind. In the video he used pots on an Arduino Nano to set the end positions. The push buttons and IR sensors were wired in parallel. While reading the video comments, people suggested using this method so I thought I would give it a try on the Attiny85 to get some more experience with the chip. I'm also designing an experimenters board for the Attiny85 and needed a project to test it out.

The small input board for this project: https://oshwlab.com/Rick100/servo_limits_user



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