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STD ir_picaxe

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Profile:Picaxe ir motor controller for sincle motor robot

License: MIT

Creation time: 2021-12-01 00:11:35
Update time: 2022-01-28 13:15:00

Picaxe 08M2 version of ir controller.

This 3d printed project is a remote controlled toy robot that is driven by a single motor. It can move forward and steer left or right. The motor is an N20 gear motor. The battery is a 200 mah Eachine drone battery I got from Banggood. The remote control is a universal infrared remote unit set up to transmit 12 bit Sony codes. The ir commands are interpeted by a microcontroller and drive the motor through a L9110s motor driver.When the motor is driven forward it drives the selected wheels. When the motor is driven in reverse, it drives a cam assembly that cause the idler for each wheel to engage or disengage. A switch thats closed or opened by another cam is used to keep track of the position of the cams that engage the wheels. The single switch is the only feedback the mcu gets. The mcu just counts to keep track of which way it's moving. The system depends on being powered up with the cams set in the forward direction. It seems to work pretty well. I'm designing some other similar toys that will use the same system. I'll share them when they are finished.

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