Haunted Watering Can

4 months ago

Profile:https://www.instructables.com/Haunted-Watering-Can/ This fun interior decoration project describes how to create a Haunted Watering Can: a watering can filled with overflowing mist, running water and breathing illumination. The Haunted Watering Can may also be used as a perfume diffuser, but make sure to include some pumpkin fragrances...

Open source license: GPL 3.0

Project source: Cloned from Doudou_myst

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The overall project uses pretty standard components, as listed here:

  • 1x ESP8266 generic SoC (link)
  • 1x Ultrasonic mist maker 24V with 230V plug (link)
  • 1x Submersible Water Pump 5V (link)
  • 1x Waterproof LED Strip (link)
  • 1x Small OLED 0.96 display for debugging purpose (link) - Optional
  • 1x DC-DC 24V-5V module (link) to generate 5V from the 24V power input
  • 3x Mosfet IRLZ44 transistors (link) to control the pump, ultrasonic mist maker and the leds
  • 1x breadboard 400pt (link)
  • 3x rocker switches and 1 main on/off switch
  • 3x 10kOhm resistors
  • misc connectors and wires, soldering iron, hot glue gun and other regular electronics tools (tape, screwdriver, wire strippers, ...)

I included links to AliExpress stores, but depending on your location you may source the components from amazon (not available in my country) or other stores.


On top of the electronics you will also need:

  • a translucent watering can with some fake plants and stones for decoration.
  • a carton box to hide the circuit & electronics.


Haunted Watering Can SCH

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 Ultrasonic Mist Maker J1 LED STRIP 1
2 LED Strip J2 LED STRIP 1
3 Water Pump J3 LED STRIP 1
4 0.96OLED_4P OLED1 0.96OLED_4P 1
5 IRLZ44 Q1,Q2,Q3 D2PAK_L10.0-W9.0-P2.54-LS15.0-BR 3
6 10k R1,R2,R3 R0603 3
8 ESP8266 U1 AP_ESP8266_ARRAY_15X2 1
9 LM2596 U5 STEP_DOWN_LM2596S KRIM 1


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