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Std EditionMiniMega24 (ATmega328 NRF24L01)

Profile:MiniMega24 Breadboard friendly small hybrid board with ATmega328 (SMD) and NRF24L01+ (SMD)

License: Public Domain

Published Time:2020-10-05 22:22:13
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Breadboard friendly small hybrid board with ATmega328 (SMD) and NRF24L01+ (SMD)

  • Designed to run at 8MHz (3.3V) without external oscillator
  • MCP1700 or MCP1702 voltage regulator (250mA) with low quiescent current (5uA) for battery operation
  • FTDI header for easy flashing through Arduino IDE
  • NRF24L01+ IRQ pin accessible
  • SPI pins are accessible, except pin 10 (SS), which is already used for the NRF24L01+

When using the RF24 library by TMRh20, use CE pin 9 and CS pin 10

To flash the bootloader it's probably best to remove the 0 Ohm resistor, to stop powering the NRF24L01+. Otherwise Arduino IDE will show an error message when reading the flashed bootloader.

For flashing the bootloader you can use "Arduino as ISP" in Arduino IDE, connecting pin 11 to 11, 12 to 12, 13 to 13, and 10 (ISP) to RST (MiniMega24).

Use this board in Arduino IDE: https://raw\.githubusercontent\.com/oshlab/Breadboard\-Arduino/master/avr/boardsmanager/package\_oshlab\_breadboard\_index\.json

WARNING Only use FTDI programmer with 3.3V when NRF24L01+ is connected. Using 5V may destroy your NRF24L01+

Note that you shouldn't simply copy this board, as there's a decoupling cap missing on the AVCC pin (it was one of the first PCBs I designed)

R0039161.JPG R0039149.JPG R0039160.JPG


MiniMega24 schematic

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MiniMega24 PCB

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