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ESP8266/ESP-12F current logger with INA226 (I2C)

I built this to measure and log microamp currents over a time period, and access the data via wifi.

It sort of works right now, but the resolution is poor (100uA). I'll play around with it when I have more time.

Make sure to calculate the maximum amount of current you can put through it yourself, depending on the shunt resistor you use, because I'm too lazy for it  right now :)

The INA226 IC is kind of hard to hand solder, but it's possible with flux and patience. No need for solder paste/hot air.

The 3V3 SPI connector is meant for a SD card breakout, but you could also connect a 3V3 SPI display.

The 3V3 voltage regulator can supply up to 1000mA.

The pins necessary for flashing via serial connection are accessible. You can connect a FTDI Basic board for flashing. Short the "FLASH" jumper to flash it via serial.

You can use this library to access the INA226:

Here's a working Arduino sketch thrown together by me:

Sources for this schematic


R0039423.jpgR0039425.jpgScreen Shot 01-11-21 at 01.45 PM.png



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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 HDR-F-2.54_1x6 H2 HDR-F-2.54_1X6 1
2 FTDI H1 HDR-F-2.54_1X6 1
3 3x6x2.5mm KEY1 KEY-3.0*6.0 1
4 XC6220B331PR-G U2 XC6220B331PR-G-HANDSOLDER 1
5 AO3401A Q1 SOT-23_L2.9-W1.3-P0.95-LS2.4-BR 1
6 INA226AIDGSR U1 MSOP-10_L3.0-W3.0-P0.50-LS5.0-BL 1
7 Flash boot jumper J7 HDR-M-2.54_1X2 1
8 HDR-M-2.54_1x2 J1 HDR-M-2.54_1X2 1
9 BAT J2 HDR-M-2.54_1X2 1
10 SWITCH J4 HDR-M-2.54_1X3 1
12 10k R3,R5,R4,R7,R8,R9 R0805 6
13 4.7k R1,R2 R0805 2
14 4.7 SHUNT R2512 1
15 470 R6 R0805 1
16 10u C3,C4 C0805 2
17 100n C1,C2 C0603 2


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