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Std EditionESP32-S2 Minimal Dev Board V2

Profile:ESP32-S2 Minimal Dev Board V2 Breadboard friendly minimal breakout board for ESP32-S2 Wrover or Wroom

License: Public Domain

Project source: Cloned from ESP32-S2 Wrover/Wroom Minimal Dev Board

Published Time:2020-09-16 21:36:06
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Breadboard friendly minimal breakout board for ESP32-S2 Wrover or Wroom

  • XC6220 voltage regulator (6V max, 1000mA max, 8uA quiescent current) for battery operation
  • All pins except GPIO26
  • FTDI header for flashing with FTDI Basic and similar boards
  • Uses about 53uA in deep sleep

The smaller version here draws about 26uA in deep sleep, using a different voltage regulator: https://oshwlab.com/Miraculix200/s2-tiny

Soldering the GND pad in the middle is not necessary

To flash the board you need to connect GPIO0 to GND and power the device seperately from the FTDI breakout. The 3V3 pin is not connected. Connect EN to GND or push the reset button before flashing.

Tutorial how to setup Arduino IDE for ESP32-S2 https://github.com/OLIMEX/ESP32-S2-DevKit-LiPo-USB/blob/main/DOCUMENTS/Tutorial-ESP32S2.pdf

(from https://www.olimex.com/Products/IoT/ESP32-S2/ESP32-S2-WROVER-DevKit-USB/open-source-hardware)

R0039186.JPG R0039178.JPG R0039199.JPG R0039195.JPG R0039215.JPG


ESP32-S2 minimal V2 sch

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ESP32-S2 minimal V2 PCB

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