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Std EditionWemosD1 ESP8266 temperatures/humidity 12V relays for home assistant for example

License: Public Domain

Published Time:2020-02-29 22:29:38
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I have this PCB working with home assistant.(you can make it running using other soft: Nodered/ Arduino IDE/ micropython...what you wish)

Home assistant: https://www.home-assistant.io/getting-started/

I have made some modifications to get 2 more temperatures readings from 18B20 waterproof sensors besides the DHT22 shield on the ESP8266.

This PCB is working with home assistant to get temperatures, humidity, state of relays and activate relays to turn on 12V leds in my case through WIFI connection.

In summary: Home assistant is running in a raspberry pi4B, connected to my Wifi network.

This PCB is connected to my wifi network using the ESP8266 on this board.

I can access home assistant using my phone connected to the same wifi network to get informations (relay states/ temperatures/ humidity) and send actions (turn on off the 12V bulbs)

Below in the attachements, you can find the yaml script which should help you to make this board running if you use home assistant, after having installed ESPHOME in home assistant. https://esphome.io/

Then if you wish, you can run as I did Nodered, to turn on off automatically the 12V leds according to the sun position using the node "SUN".


Update: Using a Wemos D1 mini Pro (instead of a Standard Wemos D1 mini), same pinout, with external antenna, improved the signal by almost +8dB. To use the external antenna, follow this instruction, as you will have to deroute the zero ohm link resistor: https://hackaday.io/project/165061-solar-powered-wifi-weather-station-v20/log/162011-adding-an-external-antenna



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