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Std edition JLCPCB: PCB Prototyping for $2

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Published Time: 2021-04-10 22:28:17
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JLCPCB’ prototyping service: $2 for up to 10 copies of max 100 x 100mm FR4 double sided PCB Prototyping. As with many of China’s PCB prototyping houses you get quite the bang for your buck: A choice of five solder mask colors, white or black silkscreening and an array of thicknesses (0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm; thicker and thinner PCBs are available .

At $2 JLCPCB’s board pricing is quite competitive compared to the usual suspects with similar offerings (Seeedstudio $4.90; Iteadstudio $19.90; Elecrow $13.50). Elecrow is considerably cheaper but requires 3 more days for production. JLCPCB also provides a cheaper price in 4layer and 6 layer : $15 for 4-layer, $74 for 6-layer .

In order to eligible for $2 offer, take note on these few things:

·The board dimension must not exceed 100mm x 100mm. Anything less than that is eligible for the offer. ·Board order quantity at maximum 10 pieces. The $2 dollar is valid for 5 and 10 pieces, but anything above will cost a lot more extra charge. ·Use the default options such as the PCB colour, surface finish and etc.


Completing uploading file my order was verified very quickly (on the same day, to be precise). I was asked to attach some missing gerber file, which I had forgotten to send while making my placement. The order was re-verified and it turned out to be an open gate for starting the production process. Just few days later, my order was done and transfered to shipping company.

Shipping ( free shipping for first order)

2layer Copper thickness pricing

My first order 100x 100mm , shipping to Netherlands, shipping free! I thought the price is trick ,because they even have no any promotion hint on their website. I find JLCPCB’s Facebook page and know shipping reduces $25 on first order. So far so good but my second 65 x 90mm board via DHL took about $22.08), added a day to the build time (3-4 days, I assume working days). Compared to some other PCB companies JLCPCB boards are still favorably priced:

Seedstudio ($43.58 for 5 pcs, 7-8 days) Iteadstudio ($39.90 for 5 pcs, no build time indication) Elecrow ($20.90 for 5 pcs, 4-7 days). Elecrow is considerably cheaper but requires 3 more days for production.

Quality check

Depackaged and unwrapped first impressions are good. Whole package came with very good protection – everything was secured with bubble wrap, packed up in cardboard and waterproof DHL foil envelope. Everything was intact, nothing was broken or damaged. enter image description here

The boards look crisp, soldermask is bright and silkscreen is reasonably legible. The width is 100mm. It’s very precise.The combination of the gold finish and green solder mask was especially a nice touch.  The picture below shows that a lot of the holes were centered ,no offset. Good stuff !

enter image description here

enter image description here

There were no traces of un-etched copper, shorting lines and there were no signs of over-etching – although I could have increased the width of some of the thru-hole pads to avoid the possibly of breakout should there have been over-etching present. From the top the holes looked well-aligned and the solder mask/artwork were where they should be. A closer look at the bottom side of PCB. There is no issue with all the traces and pads. The silkscreen also looks clear. For the signal trace, I am using trace width of 0.25mm, whereas power and GND trace uses 1mm trace width. So far they look good, but will test them out once everything is soldered in. enter image description here

When choose a PCB prototyping company , there is no shortage of options. In fact, with the number of PCB manufacturers , selecting the right one can be a little overwhelming. A wrong decision can be costly, even disastrous to your bottom line.

Overall,JLCPCB is definitely a good choice .It offers PCB prototyping at low cost and fast manufacturing time. With the low cost option to manufacture PCB, you can create as many prototype as you like. The quality of JLCPCB is decent, everything.

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