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Std edition How To Order SMT Service From JLCPCB | PCB + Components

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Published Time: 2020-10-10 15:46:46
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Hello friends, on this occasion I will share tips on how to order SMT Assembly at JLCPCB.

SMT Assembly service, namely SMD component soldering services, SMD stands for Surface Mount Device, which is a very small and legless component like a DIP / Throughhole component. Because the component is very small in size, we often have trouble soldering the PCB, even those who are still unfamiliar with this SMD component find it very difficult and don't want to solder it. Or even myopic eyes will find it difficult to solder SMD components. Therefore, many PCB printer manufacturers provide SMT Assembly services, so we don't have to bother with soldering the SMD components. And I chose the SMT Assembly Service at JLCPCB.

Why choose JLCPCB for Assembly Service?

  1. Low prices start at $ 7
  2. Fast work, 24 hours processing
  3. Components are available in more than 30000 component stocks, a very large quantity so that we can freely choose the SMD components we want.
  4. Easily concentrated with the EasyEDA Online PCB design, so it is easier for us to get Gerber, Bom and Pick and Place files.
  5. How to order is also quite easy, we can adjust which components we want to choose to be soldered on the JLCPCB

What is needed to order the SMT Assembly and PCB at JLCPCB? 1.Gerber File, PCB Layout Design file with gerber RS247-x format. This file is used to print PCBs, and the basis for SMT Assembly services, without PCB you want to solder where are the SMD components?

  1. BoM file (Bill of Materials)
  2. The CPL (Pick and Place) image.png How do I order? First, we must have the three mandatory files above (Gerber, BoM, and CPL Files), after that log in to jlcpcb.com or register an account if you don't have a JLCPCB account. After logging in to JLCPCB click "Quote Now" andclick the "Add your gerber file" image.png

image.png Secondly ,select the gerber file that you want to print.Wait for the upload process to complete. After the upload process is complete, your PCB layout image will appear. JLCPCB SMT Assembly service cheap.jpg

Then select the PCB options you want. For example the number, size, thickness and others. image.png

And for SMD component soldering orders, JLCPCB is only available with PCB options with the following specs:

  1. The number of layers 2 and 4. If 1 layer is still possible but for 6 layers and above JLCPCB will not accept our SMT Assembly order.
  2. The maximum number of PCB, i.e. 30 pcs above 30 pcs will not be accepted. Then what if we want 1x order of 100pcs? we can use the paneling options or multiply the number of our PCB on one board.
  3. PCB thickness can only be in 1mm-1.6mm less or more than that will not be accepted.
  4. PCB Masking Color can only be green
  5. The thickness of the copper line can only be 1oz.

In addition to the specifications above, you can choose the options you want.

After selecting the PCB option then click the "Order together with PCB" button, slide it to the right. then our PCB image will appear, select which part will be soldered, if the SMD component is at the top bottom layer, just select one, because JLCPCB does not yet support 2 layers of soldering at once. Choose the amount to solder, ie just picky. There will only be 2 PCBs that have been soldered to the SMD components, the other is an empty PCB. This option only appears if we order PCB 5-10 PCBs. Then the tooling holes can be added by the JLCPCB. After that, click "Confirm". image.png

Then a new window will appear, then click the "Add BOM File" button to add the BOM file. and the "Add CPL File" button to add the CPL file. image.png

Select both the BOM and CPL files on each button, don't be reversed, the BOM button uploads the CPL file, or vice versa.

If the file has been selected, then click "Next". image.png Then a new window will appear, now at this stage it is a stage that takes a little longer, especially when there are more components. Except for the list of components that we upload, everything is on the JLCPCB and the JLCPCB system has automatically selected our components. In the following picture are the components that have been selected with the status "Confirmed" so the components are available and can be soldered. If the status is "Confirm" but cannot be clicked, it is because the component with stock 0 or component is not available or the component has not been selected in the JLCPCB library. We can search for it by clicking on the "Magnifying Glass" button. image.png

Then a box will appear as shown below, enter the name of the component that will be used then click the "Search" button. Then several components will appear, select the component with the price you want, and the package that matches the package on the PCB, for example the SOD-123 diode don't choose the SOD-323 diode. image.png

After all components are selected click the "Next" button. image.png

Then a preview image of the PCB and the SMD components that have been installed will appear, as shown below, and this is just an example image because I haven't selected all the components. so only a few SMD components that I selected and shown in the following image. image.png

You can also see a list of what components have been selected as shown below, click the down arrow icon to see more complete components. image.png

In addition to the selected components, you can also see a table of unselected components. Unselected SMD components can be downloaded in CSV format, by clicking the "Download Unselect Part List" button. If you want to change the component selection, you can repeat the component selection stage by clicking the "the "Go back" button.

After everything is okay, from the selection of components and PCB, just go to the next process, click the "SAVE TO CART" button to store in the shopping cart. And immediately make a payment for the SMD soldering service, because time is limited. Because the component stock is not always there. image.png

JLCPCB gives special offer: Get Three Coupons for SMT assembly monthly PCB Prototype for only $2 & SMT assembly starts from $0 image.png

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