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STD How to Choose PCB Prototype supplier?

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Creation time: 2020-07-27 11:49:59
Update time: 2020-07-27 11:56:11
As we can see that increasing number of PCB suppliers appear in our searching engine when we are looking for a suitable [PCB Prototype](PCB Prototype), it may be confusing us which one is the reliable one, here I would like to help with the how to choose the proper PCB prototype supplier; Fist of all, before you take one long term cooperation PCB prototype company as your partner, you have to figure out what your priorities are, Cheap & Fast &high quality these are 3 most important features for choosing a proper PCB supplier, most people want to have all of them, but most of the time, if it can contain two features, it would be a good one. I did some research and I would like to make some recommendations here for reference. **[JLCPCB](JLCPCB): FR4 Board from 1-6 Layers** Good Features: Online Instant Quote ; Cheap & High-Quality &Fast (depend on the shipping method) Disadvantages: Only FR4&Rigid board for 1-6 board provided If your design is most for 1-6 layers boards, then congratulation, [JLCPCB](JLCPCB) will be your best choice for PCB prototype supplier; For just 2$ you can get a 2 layer board with dimensions less than 100x100 mm which is just unbelievable cheap. And 4 layer boards are also very cheap, only $5 with dimensions less than 100x100 mm. The manufacturing time for 1-2 layer board, only cost 24 hours; And now they also provide stencil and SMT service with coupons, PCB +SMT start from $2, also with promotion code [“JLCATH”](“JLCATH”) can get extra $2 ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/SpGna9LX3fafjZlQIOmyax8wcTKpBCLQJ1kW4vfp.png) **Szgdpcb: PCB prototype from 6-30 Layers (FR4/Flexible board)** Good features:High-quality & Cheap &Fast Disadvantage: only has the Chinese Web If you have the design for more than 6 layers and you know Chinese well or get in contact with their sales, SZGDPCB would be a good choice for your Multiple layer PCB prototype. Since multiple layer boards usually with buried holes or impedance etc, hard to get a quote online directly, usually need to be quoted by customer service after review your file, so get instant quotes will be a problem. These two PCB prototype companies are best for I know before if you have a better choice, please feel free to share it with us.
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