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STD SIM808 + ATMEGA328P-AU GPS Tracker

License: GPL 3.0

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Update time: 2022-05-29 07:44:30
Creation time: 2020-04-28 07:21:06

This project started out as a fun way of exploring the possibility of GPS, mobile communication, 18650 battery powered, motion sensors and data logging through MQTT and to SD card. I know there are cheaper and better performing solution on the market, but hey what’s the fun in that.


I started this project by fully building it on a breadboard using standard modules and some dedicated hardware. This was mainly to discover if this project was even within doable limits and all components would play nicely with each other. I quickly discovered that prebuild modules are a big limiting factor and to make use of the full potential I would have to design my own board.


For debugging purposes I kept using the breadboard with standard modules as it was way easier to hook up my oscilloscope and make quick modification. To accommodate two hardware versions (a breadboard version and a pcb version) the firmware was written in two separate Atmel Studio 7 projects. This was necessary because the hardware was not actually identical and the mcu did run at a much slow 1mhz instead of the 16mhz on the breadboard.


For the breadboard version, the whole firmware was basically a debugging version, where on the final pcb a dedicated debugging mode was implemented. DEBUGMODE can be turned on to enable UART debugging on the led output pin. (Format: 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, Idle High) Then simply add a DEBUG_SendByte, DEBUG_SendString or DEBUG_Trigger to any line in the firmware.


I settled with a design using a Atmel ATMEGA329P-AU as the main mcu and the SIMCom SIM808 for GPS and data communication. A piezo vibration sensor is used to detect movement and start logging GPS data to the SD card and Adafruit mqtt server.

The piezo voltage is amplified 34x by a non-inverting op-amp and the output if controlled by a comparator to switch high to VCC or low depending on the set point which can be adjusted to the desired sensitivity level. The input to the mcu then triggers an interrupt as wakes mcu and modem to start logging every second to the SD card, and every 10 seconds to the MQTT server. When no movement is detected the modem is turned off and the mcu will automatically enter sleep. When sleeping, the mcu wakes up every hour to send battery and GPS to the MQTT server and return to sleep.


Since this project was a one of, it make no sense to change the pcb layout, however improvements could still be made.

  • Add a dedicated debug output, instead of reusing the led output.
  • Although the signal is of excellent quality it’s probably a good idea to redo the antenna traces. Check trace impedance and add guard traces with via stitching.
  • Adding a dedicated reset switch. This is only for convenience but not actually necessary. In fact I never had to reset the mcu once. Currently the reset of the mcu is connected to the isp header and can easily be shorted low or connected to a wired switch if necessary.
  • Add a interrupt directly to the 1PPS line of the GPS module.
  • Add a input to the mcu connected to the status pin of the modem, this makes it easier to determine is the modem is on or off.


None of the above improvements are actually necessary for a working project. The firmware has been written such that none of these features are needed.

The firmware will be made available for download at a later moment, I’m still working of the final tweaks.



  • Atmel ATMEGA328P-AU @ 1 mhz (Firmware written in Atmel Studio 7, but also Arduino ide compatible)
  • USB Interface for charging
  • Li-ion battery charger
  • Micro SD card slot for data logging
  • Piezo motion sensor (Used to triggers the GPS tracker)
  • Support for active GPS antenna
  • ISP Header (3,3v or 5v)
  • UART Header connected to the data lines between mcu and modem (for debugging 3,3v Only)


Note: this project was built into the older version 02-2014 Rittal 9102.210 enclosure. The new version 03-2017 is slightly different.




Design Drawing
schematic diagram
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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Supplier Part BOM_Manufacturer BOM_Manufacturer Part
1 SIM808 U2 GSM-SMD_68P-L24.0-W24.0-P1.00-TL 1 LCSC C126275 SIMCom Wireless Solutions SIM808
2 U.FL-R-SMT-1(80) CN1,CN2 RF-SMD_U.FL-R-SMT-1(80) 2 LCSC C88374 HRS U.FL-R-SMT-1(80)
3 1uF C7,C2,C4,C5,C6,C3 C0805 6 LCSC C107372 SAMSUNG CL05A105KQ5NNNC
4 10K R12,R25,R21,R22,R24,R23,R15,R16,R20,R19,R17,R14,R13,R18 R0805 14 LCSC C269742 Tyohm RMC080510K1%N
5 BSS138 Q4,Q2,Q5,Q1,Q6,Q3 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-BR 6 LCSC C78284 CJ BSS138
6 330K R3,R9 R0805 2 LCSC C294705 Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech RS-05K334JT
7 FC-2012UGK-520D5 (Green) D5,D2,D3,D4 LED0805-FD 4 LCSC C84260 NATIONSTAR FC-2012UGK-520D5
9 ISP HEADER H2 HDR-TH_6P-P2.54-V-R2-C3-S2.54 1 LCSC C65114 BOOMELE Header-Male-2.54_2x3
10 LMV321TP-TR U4,U5 SOT-23-5_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.8-BR 2 LCSC C90297 3PEAK LMV321TP-TR
11 10 R1 R0805 1 LCSC C131388 FH RS-05K100JT
12 100nH L1 L0805 1 LCSC C32878 ReliaPro MLI2012-R10(f )
13 220uF C1 CAP-SMD_BD6.3-L6.6-W6.6-FD 1 LCSC C336529 PANASONIC EEEHA0J221WP
14 SIM CARD2 SIM-SMD_SMO-1512 1 LCSC C125621 SOFNG SMO-1512
15 CR1220 CR1 BAT-SMD_CR1220-2 1 LCSC C70381 Q&J CR1220-2
16 2.2K R5,R7,R8,R6 R0805 4 LCSC C416137 Viking Tech CR-05JL7---2K2
17 56K R26 R0805 1 LCSC C286609 Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech RS-05K563JT
18 SD CARD1 TF-SMD_TF-002T-15 1 LCSC C125616 SOFNG TF-002T-15
19 MTB125-1102R1 H4,H1 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-H-W10.0 2 LCSC C376120 MINTRON MTB125-1102R1
20 HX9193-33GB U1 SOT-23-5_L3.0-W1.7-P0.95-LS2.8-BL 1 LCSC C296123 hengjiaxing HX9193-33GB
21 SMF12CT1G D1 SOT-363_L2.0-W1.3-P0.65-LS2.1-BL 1 LCSC C242287 ON Semicon SMF12CT1G
22 1M R11,R4 R0805 2 LCSC C131391 FH RS-05K105JT
23 ATMEGA328P-AU U3 TQFP-32_L7.0-W7.0-P0.80-LS9.0-BL 1 LCSC C14877 MICROCHIP ATMEGA328P-AU
24 MTP125-1102S1 H3 HDR-TH_2P-P2.54-V_A2541HWV-2P 1 LCSC C358684 MINTRON MTP125-1102S1
25 50K R10 RES-ADJ-TH_3P-L6.8-W4.6-P2.50-TL-BS-3266X 1 LCSC C124994 Chengdu Guosheng Tech 3266X-1-503


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