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Project source: Cloned from Prog. via rete x S88 20211023 h. 22,00 PCB 10x10 no smd VDD VSS OK

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In model railroading, Marklin S88 is an electronic circuit to connect sixteen feedback photoresistors (H2 and H3 in my schematic). The S88 must be connected in series (J1 and J2, each connected with RJ45, RJ1 and RJ2 connector), to increase the number of photoresistors (16, 32, 48, ...) In https://usuaris.tinet.cat/fmco/s88_sp.html#S88 I found the Marklin S88 schematic. My project is meant to be the exact copy. My Project Attachments: All_info_of_S88_to_be_used_with_ EasyEDA.zip : this is the infos I downloaded from the website https://usuaris.tinet.cat/fmco/s88_sp.html#S88 My_S88_in_EasyEDA.zip : this is the PDF of my project in EasyEDA Info about my schematic: I want to use the THT components, since SMD components are too difficult for me to assemble. In my EasyEDA schematic, on the right I have included the photo of the original diagram, where IC5 and IC6 (both CD4014BE) have the pinout arranged in a comfortable way; in my diagram, on the left, for IC5 and IC6 (both CD4014BE, in THT format) I found only the pinout arranged in an inconvenient way for me.



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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 100nF C1- CAP-TH_L4.0-W2.5-P5.00-D1.0 1
2 10nF C2-,C3-,C4-,C5-,C6-,C7-,C8-,C9-,C10-,C11-,C12-,C13-,C14-,C15-,C16-,C17- CAP-TH_L5.0-W2.2-P5.08-D0.6 16
3 220S-1*9P H=8.5MM Ytype Gold-plated H2,H3 HDR-TH_9P-P2.54-V-F-1 2
4 CD4044BE IC1,IC2,IC3,IC4 DIP-16_L20.0-W6.4-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 4
5 CD4014BE IC5,IC6- DIP-16_16P-L20.2-W6.6-P2.54-LS7.6-BL 2
6 HDR-M-2.54_1x6 J1,J2 HDR-M-2.54_1X6 2
7 BC547 Q1 BC547 1
8 10K R1-,R2-,R4-,R5-,R6-,R7-,R8-,R9-,R10-,R11-,R12-,R13-,R14-,R15-,R16-,R17-,R18-,R19- RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 18
9 100K R3-,R20-,R21-,R22-,R23-,R24-,R25-,R26-,R27-,R28-,R29-,R30-,R31-,R32-,R33-,R34-,R35- RES-TH_BD2.3-L6.5-P10.50-D0.5 17
10 R-RJ45R10P-B000 RJ1,RJ2 RJ45-TH_R-RJ45R10P-B000 2



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