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Published Time:2019-04-24 00:35:33
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The goal of this project was to construct arduino nanos with a significantly smaller size. The nanos were placed in a droppable payload and were deployed from a carrier drone. The open source deign for the arduino nano was used and modified.

In order to minimize space, small smd components were used, and the usb to uart interfacing chip was moved to a separate board (v1.8). The size was reduced even further by relying on an ISP to program the processor directly (v1.9). The ISP method was the production method as it had the side effect of giving extra program space due to not needing to flash the bootloader to the processors.

This project was for Northeastern University's AerospaceNU branch (Project NUAV).

This design worked well as it allowed for standard Arduino Nanos to be used for prototyping before assembling the JBigs. In its first iteration, these boards were used to drop a matrix of transponders that could be activated and transmit location data. The ideal use of such a system would be to aid in search and rescue. Future iterations aim to include multi-drone communication networking to perform more advanced tasks autonomously.

ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 LED4 BLUE1 0402 1
2 4.7uF C1 0603 1
3 1uF C2,C5 0402 2
4 100nF C3 0402 1
5 MBR0520LT1G D1 SOD-123 1
6 Header_Male_2.54mm_1x5_SMD H1 H6-SMD-2.54 1
7 Header Female 1.27mm 1x15 SMD H2,H3 HDR-1.27-1X15 SMD 2
9 LED3 L_AMBER1 0402 1
10 1k R1,RP1B,RP1C,RP2B 0402 4
11 10k RP1 0402 1
12 RESET SW1 KEY_TOUCH_SMD_6.1*3.7*H 1
13 ATMEGA328P-AU U1 TQFP-32_7X7X08P 1
14 UA78M05CDCY U3 SOT223_4PIN-L6.5-W7.0-H1.8-PITCH2.3-TL 1
15 16MHz X1 3213 1


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